Brenner: Friday Thoughts

Will Dustin Sherer be the quarterback? How will that impact your fantasy team? Think UW misses Mike Hankwitz? Will Bo dance? The answers to these thoughts and more on a chilly Friday.

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Not-so-random thoughts and musings for a Lazy Friday…

Even though the outlets for news around the Dave McClain practice facility have been as airtight as ever, word on the street is University of Wisconsin quarterback Dustin Sherer is practicing with the No. 1 offense and will be your starter at Iowa tomorrow. Good choice – poor Allan Evridge might have been booed into submission if he was still playing next week against Illinois at the Camp.

How do I know this? Well, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting that Sherer is the starter. This, even though UW offensive coordinator Paul Chryst didn't comment on the matter on Tuesday, head coach Bret Bielema was his usual coy, clammy self on Thursday and the quarterbacks have been made accessible to the media like the top-shelf cookie jar is to a three-year-old kid.

In other words, they haven't.

So I guess we'll find out on Saturday who's your starter. Knowing Bret, it's probably Sherer.

Funny story: on JSOnline's comment board, one poster clucked his tongue at Bielema for keeping his starter secret, because "it forced me to hold both Evridge and Sherer on my fantasy team so I know I have the starter."

Um…seriously, dude? You play college football? You bothered with Allan Evridge for this long? Can you come join my league so I can take your money?

Here's my advice, buddy: start Sherer either way. If Sherer starts, then you're set. If Evridge starts, well, you'll put up the ol' squadoosh in the QB column, but think of it this way: if you get negative points for fumbles, interceptions, and generally horrible decisions, AE just would've put you in the red anyway…

Former UW defensive coordinator Mike Hankwitz was unceremoniously fired by Bielema during the offseason. His defense was giving up 23.2 points per game. The 2008 Badgers? 22.7 points against.

Half a point's difference. Good thing they let that Hankwitz guy go, so he could promptly head to 5-1 Northwestern, where his defense did not give up more than 20 points in the first five games…

One other note about the defense, then I'll lay off (because this bad stretch has mostly been on the offense): Shane Carter and Niles Brinkley came to UW as wide receivers. Both were immediately converted to be defensive players; Carter a safety, Brinkley a cornerback. Carter has lost his starting job, and Brinkley is stuck at the No. 3 corner spot, with Aaron Henry on the shelf (once Allen Langford graduates, Henry will probably replace him, keeping Brinkley as the No. 3).

Meanwhile, the wide receiver corps is in utter disarray. One of the two Opening Day starters, Maurice Moore, has fallen completely out of favor (albeit injuries playing a role). By the way, Moore came here to be a quarterback, not a wide receiver. Not saying Moore's a savior, but we've all seen how the QB spot is doing as well.

Three players, three position changes, three failures that didn't need to happen. Hey, coaches, maybe you should try letting the guys play where they were taught to play before moving them, huh? Just a thought.

Let's talk about something else, shall we? UW hockey opens their home slate next weekend against a certain opponent. You might know them. They wear maroon and gold, with a Caddyshack character on their jerseys and their fans like to spell their school's name before every faceoff and after every time the whistle blows.

What's more annoying, ‘Hail to the Victors' or ‘M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A'? Yeah, I t-h-o-u-g-h-t you'd guess that…

Speaking of Ann Arbor, and while we're conducting informal polls, which Big Ten program best resembles a train wreck? Michigan football? Indiana basketball?

The Night of the Grateful Red returns to the Kohl Center tonight. It is my understanding that UW head coach Bo Ryan has an encore prepared after last year's rendition of Soulja Boy's ‘Crank That' ditty. Do a remix of the Hambone with Erin Andrews? Just a thought ...

Bo Ryan and Mike Eaves: Change…we can believe in.

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