Sherer Settling In

After struggling in his first start, junior quarterback Dustin Sherer settled in Saturday and led the Badgers to a big victory over Illinois. Now, the signal caller needs to move forward without his main offensive weapon and still keep the momentum rolling as UW heads to East Lansing.

Talk about Travis being out for the rest of the season and what that means to the offense?

I mean, it's a huge loss. Travis is a great player, a guy that makes plays for us, our go-to guy a lot of times, fun to throw the ball to but you know, he didn't play in the first two games and Lance Kendricks came in and did a great job. People have to step up, play their role and I think guys will do that. I think we'll be all right.

Does it make it easier to have Garrett and Lance, who have made some big plays?

Definitely. We've got a lot of weapons. Garrett and I have a strong bond. We've lived with each other for a couple of years. He's a go-to guy that gets open. David (Gilreath) played a great game and we have a lot of guys that we can go to. We just have to hit them in stride and make big plays.

Do you feel for Travis who decided not to make some big money in order to come back?

Oh yeah. It's very disappointing and I feel for him. It's just now how do you handle it. He's going to have a great future still. He's going to be back in three months and he'll still be the same old Travis and go out there and impress people in the combine.

How different is this week compared to last week for you guys as a team?

It's a lot easier watching film when you win. It's good. The morale is a lot better, everybody is ready to roll now and people just have higher spirits. For us, it's a big deal because we are a good football team. We need something like that game to get our heads back into it.

Where did you make the biggest stride and improvement from one game to the next?

Turnovers and not force things. I just have to manage the football game. I don't need to be a big player, we have enough weapons in our offense. I just need to get the ball on time to the guys, manage the football game and not make mistakes. That's the biggest thing.

Last week's preparation, was it easier with a game under your belt as a starter, and then you could prepare accordingly as a starter?

Yeah. Watching that film was huge. To me, the biggest thing I took away from it was you can't force it. If you don't see it, don't throw it. It's better to take a sack or make something happen with your feet. We just have to prepare and move forward.

When you haven't started much at this level, does it take awhile to get in a rhythm for you?

It does. Obviously Iowa, I wasn't that comfortable back there and (Saturday) I was more comfortable. Just getting your feet wet and back into things, it's been awhile since I've played but I also practice a lot too. So there's no excuse. I just have to make plays and manage the football game.

You said once that you are not the best practice player, is that true?

I mean, I have always done real well in games. I am the kind of guy that in high school, games would come and I would flip my switch. Now for us, preparation is huge. We had a great week of practice last week leading up the game and I think that played a big part.

Did you get many text messages over the weekend congratulating you from people back home?

I've stayed really close to my family. I had like 47 text messages after the game and most of them were from my family and people watching. It was pretty cool.

What has kept you going when you weren't playing? What motivated you to stay here and stick it out?

You just have to persevere. Stuff doesn't always go your way that you just have to fight through. What I went through made me stronger and I am glad that I stuck around. This is a heck of an opportunity for me and I am living the dream that I have had since I was little.

How much has Paul Chryst helped you?

A lot. He does a great job with us and the things he does is change the offense for you. You can play to your strengths. He knew that I was good at throwing the ball on the run so we tried to throw the ball on the run a little bit and change the pocket up. He does a great job of it.

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