Gilreath Stepping Up at a Needed Time

After his best game of his collegiate career, sophomore David Gilreath appreciates the hard work it takes to get into the end zone. Now with receiving threat Travis Beckum sidelined for the rest of the season, the coaching staff is hoping Gilreath finds the end zone more often.

Are you ready to pick it up a little bit and do more now that Travis is out? Are you guys going to have to do that?

Yeah. We don't have much choice but to do that. He wasn't there the first two and a half weeks and we're tried to step it up then. Now, we have no choice but to step it up.

You seem to be maturing and getting better as the season wears on?

Yeah, especially in practice. I don't know if we have as many opportunities in games to prove it but I think we are getting our work in and we're maturing a lot.

Do you guys feel for Travis for what he's been through and to come back and not catch a break?

Yeah. It's part of the game but he could have (gone pro) last year, but things happen for a reason. I think it will all work out for him. It's just unfortunate that it had to happen to him.

Is in encouraging that you guys were able to have success when he wasn't there?

It's encouraging. We have no choice but to make those plays. Hopefully we can do those things and pick up the slack.

How do you approach this week? Can you carry the momentum from the Illinois game into Michigan State?

Just going and working hard in practice and trying not to think about last week and settling in on what we did last week against Illinois. We just need to keep working hard, keep pressing and keep that 1-0 mentality.

Coaches talked about the Michigan game and how that touchdown instilled some confidence in you that you could make plays. Did you build on that and with the game you had, does that add another layer?

I guess so. I was hoping that I could make some plays out there and do some things like that. I was doing in practice a lot but I never really had a chance to show it in a game as much. I am more a catch and run guy. I don't really get a chance to do that, but Dustin threw a great ball and I had a chance to run. I hope that I have built off the momentum and confidence of the Michigan game.

Do you feel that you are the leader of the receiving core now?

There's still Garrett. Garrett is the man still. I still think we all look up to him but hopefully of the receiver group, I am the leader.

You had to wait awhile to get into the end zone. Do you appreciate all your touchdowns now because you had to wait a little bit at the start of your career?

I think you appreciate it a lot more when you have to wait like that. It felt a lot better, especially after the first one. I kind of threw the ball at something, which isn't my type of thing. I had so much emotion built up inside me from the year before and this year. Now, it feels good to just get in there a couple of times. Did you think Dustin was more comfortable than he was against Iowa?

Yeah, you can't just throw a guy in there and be all-world the first game. I think he settled down a lot more and looked like a veteran to me. He did good. Dustin looks good. He throws the ball pretty nice.

How important was for you guys not to just get field goals on Saturday, but to get touchdowns to put the game out of reach?

Field goals can get you beat. We had a lot of field goals against Michigan and got beat. Iowa we had a lot of field goals after we couldn't convert. You've got to score when you get down in the red zone.

With the win against Illinois, does it make the Michigan State game that much more exciting to go on the road against a good team like that?

Maybe we can start our own streak back up and go 2-0. I think it would have been exciting either way win or loss. We try to take the 1-0 mentality. We are coming off an emotional high and haven't won in long time before Saturday. Maybe we can keep that going this Saturday.

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