Bielema, Bucky Bumbles Victory

Firmly in control early in the fourth quarter, Wisconsin self destructs over the final nine minutes, as Michigan State scored the final 12 points to steal a 25-24 victory from the Badgers.

EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Badgers get 100-yard performance from John Clay and P.J. Hill and a stout defensive effort through three-and-a-half quarters. However, two sideline penalties gave Michigan State the momentum, leading the Spartans charging back to steal a victory away from Wisconsin.

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First Half

First Quarter

7-0 Wisconsin

8 plays, 51 yards 3:26 TOP, 3:01 remaining

Garrett Graham one-yard pass to Dustin Sherer (Welch kick)

Key Play: With the Badgers have their best field position thus far, Wisconsin, on its own 49, run the end around to David Gilreath around the left side, gaining 21 yards. On the touchdown, UW faked a dive and Sherer rolled out to his right, hitting a wide-open Graham in the end zone.

Second Quarter

7-3 Wisconsin

8 plays, 32 yards 2:09 TOP, 8:45 remaining

FG Brett Swenson 27

Key Play: B.J. Cunningham had a wide open touchdown on a little fade route but forgot to catch the ball. A huge break for the Badgers, as the Spartans unofficially have three drops.

7-6 Wisconsin

9 plays, 72 yards 4:47 TOP, 1:39 remaining

FG Brett Swenson 21

Key Play: On the wide receiver option, Michigan State got exactly what they were hoping for, as Niles Brinkley vacated his receiver to play the run. The result was a 35-yard pass from Keshawn Martin to Blair White.

10-6 Wisconsin

10 plays, 55 yards 1:25 TOP, :07 remaining

FG Phil Welch 31

Key Play: Running the two-minute offense efficiently, Sherer goes 4-for-7, including a 36-yard pass to Nick Toon that set up UW on MSU's 14-yard line.

Second Half

Third Quarter

17-13 Wisconsin

5 plays, 40 yards 1:34 TOP, 4:19 remaining

P.J. Hill 10-yard run (Welch kick)

Key Play: After MSU's first trick play worked so well, the Spartans decided to reach into the cookie jar once again with a fake punt. It would have worked if the running back caught the ball and UW recovered on MSU's 40-yard line.

17-13 Wisconsin

4 plays, 62 yards 1:14 TOP, 2:59 remaining

Javon Ringer two-yard run (Swenson kick)

Key Play: Not a good day to be Niles Brinkley. The sophomore has been burned and flagged multiple times on the afternoon, including a 41-yard pass play that set MSU up on UW's 21.

Fourth Quarter

24-13 Wisconsin

6 plays, 80 yards 2:37 TOP, 9:19 remaining

John Clay 32-yard run (Welch kick)

Key Play: Great rush by John Clay, who had a huge hole through the left side of Michigan State's defensive end and was untouched going into the end zone.

24-19 Wisconsin

5 plays, 44 yards 1:00 TOP, 8:13 remaining

Ringer two-yard run (pass failed)

Key Play: After being ridiculed for bad coaching by Badger Nation, UW head coach bret Bielema might be blamed for this loss again for an entirely different reason. Bielema was flagged five yards for a sideline warning and 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct, giving MSU starting field position at UW's 44.

24-22 Wisconsin

7 plays, 15 yards 1:22 TOP, 5:16 remaining

FG Swenson 50

Key Play: The Spartans looked poised to get into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown until end O'Brien Schofield ran through the line and sacked MSU's Brian Hoyer for a 16-yard loss, forcing the field goal.

25-24 Michigan State

8 plays, 56 yards 1:12 TOP, :07 remaining

FG Swenson 44

Key Play: Bielema calls back-to-back timeouts, the first one that allows Swenson time to gain is composure. The move back fired and Swenson puts MSU ahead for the first time.

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