Robert Felton Talks About Visit

Robert Felton said he had a great time in Madison over the weekend, but he's going to take other visits before he makes his decision.

Robert Felton, the 6-4, 320-pound offensive lineman from Cypress Creek High School in Houston (Tex.) said he had "a blast" on his visit to Wisconsin, and he would feel comfortable about picking the Badgers. But first he is going to take his other official visits – Arizona Dec. 13, Arkansas Jan. 10, Texas-El Paso Jan. 16 and Duke Jan. 23.

"It was kind of funny, when we went to the stadium, they had our names on the scoreboard. It was at night, and all the lights were on so it was really nice," Felton said. "Then we went to a basketball game, we went to see Jim Rome, and I went out with the players. I can't tell you everything we did, but we had fun.

"We toured the academic facilities and I talked to academic advisors. It sounds real good, about different types of studies. Then we toured the athletic buildings, the trainer talked about what he does, the strength coach explained things and showed us a presentation. It was real nice. We also went out to dinner a lot and that was fun because you can order whatever you want."

Felton said a couple of concerns about Wisconsin were eliminated over the weekend. He wasn't sure how people would treat him, coming from Texas, and he thought the cold might be too much to handle.

"People were really nice. They didn't even know I was a recruit, just the regular students were real nice to me. I had a real nice time. And it wasn't as cold as I thought. I was like, `Okay,'" Felton said.

The one thing Felton couldn't understand is when he looked out onto the lake and saw a group of people sitting under a tent.

"I saw the whole setup and I asked, `What was that?'" Felton said. "They told me people were ice fishing. I was like `Okay, now that's a little different.'"

Felton said with family in the area and having been to Madison to check everything out, he feels really good about the situation. But he still wants to see what else is out there.

"Now I can compare them to other schools, and if their comparisons are a little higher than the other ones, than that's where I'll be," Felton said.

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