Sherer Set for Homecoming

A four-time team MVP and a two-time team captain with a 33-7 record as a starter for Hamilton Heights H.S. in Indiana, junior quarterback Dustin Sherer makes his first trip back to his home state as the starting quarterback of Wisconsin.

Are you excited going back home and playing a homecoming game of sorts?

Yeah. I mean, we have to go win the next game. We have three games left and it's a good opportunity for us to go out there and show how good this team is. We just have to do it. We have to play for ourselves, for pride and get it done so we can make a bowl game.

For you going home this time, is it going to be different?

A little bit different. My brother plays (Chad Sherer), but he doesn't play, so that's kind of cool. I just have to focus on Indiana and the game, what we need to do and what the coaches need different from me. We just have to prepare and go win.

You have mentioned converting on third down but a lot of times what you get on first and second down determines what you get on third. What do you think has been more of the issue this year – third and long or just not converting?

It's both. You get four downs and you should get four yards every play in that situation. Third and four is a lot easier than third and 12. We've got to be good on first and second down and not put us in a situation on third down. When it's third and one, you've got to get those. Our goal is to be close to 60 percent and Saturday we were 5-of-15. That's not good and you're not going to win ball games that way. You've got to put yourself in position to win.

Have you considered doing stuff at practice like pushups for blown assignments and things?

Whenever a guy doesn't line up right, jumps offsides, runs the wrong route, drops a pass, we'll do five pushups. It's something that reminds you to be right and don't mess up. The big thing at Iowa was formations. We started doing that and obviously, it got a lot better. It's a simple reminder.

How many pushups do you normally do at practice?

Too many. It's getting to be less and less because guys are becoming aware. It's getting less every week.

You've talked about the fact that you needed to play better than you did. Was there one play back that you wanted?

The one I really wanted back was that boot play that we had out and I threw the ball short to Isaac. It was third and four. You get that first down, the game is over. I've got to play better. I am better, I know I am. It's getting tired of saying that. You just have to go do it.

Do you ever think you are too hard on yourself?

I don't know. I might be but you have got to be that way. I don't think you can ever do enough. That's the mentality of this team and part of being a leader is doing more that you are supposed to or have to. I put pressure on myself and I did it in fall camp, that's why I didn't play well. I just have to go out and be me when I play.

You've had to readjust your goals throughout the season. What is the goal of this team now?

You've got to have pride about it. When people ask you what you are playing for, you have to say pride. We're all doing this because we love to do it and none of us want to do anything else. We've got three games left. We need to go out there, have a little pride in ourselves and win and hopefully get to a bowl game. That's our mentality and we have to go out and do it.

Do you see the offense making strides over the past few weeks?

I think so. Offense ran the ball real well but you have to do better in the passing game. We just have to get stuff right on third down and not be in third and long situations and go win games that way.

Do you feel yourself improving?

I played pretty well in the Illinois game. Obviously there is stuff that can get better. I need to make some more throws but I am just trying to get better every week and hopefully, that carries forward.

What's your comfort level at now with a couple of games under your belt?

Obviously I am a lot more comfortable than I was at Iowa. That's just how it goes. I think the guys look at me and I try to be a leader. You have to play well to be a leader and that's something that I need to get better at. I've gotten more comfortable which is going to carry forward as well.

Is the term ‘Shooting yourself in the foot' becoming a broken record when you look at film?

It is and you can't do it. It puts you in third and long and it's tough to convert. A lot of things was lining up wrong and guys are just straining. We have to get better at.

Do you have a lot of family and friends coming in?

Well my brother is a linebacker there and I live about an hour and a half away. It will be good to go home.

Any trash talking?

Not really. I am trying to get what defenses they are going to run out of him. I haven't talked to him in the last week so I have to get on him and get stuff out of him and find out what trick plays they are going to put in.

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