Bret Bielema Post Game Audio - Indiana

Confident in the preparation leading up to this week that his team could run the football, Wisconsin head coach and windbreaker-less Bret Bielema's prognostication came through, as the Badgers ran all over Indiana in a 55-20 blowout in Bloomington.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -


Opening Comments: "During the course of the week and what we saw on film, that we should be able to run the football, so that was the pan coming in. Defensively, we didn't know exactly what we were going to get with their injury situation and the quarterbacks they rotated in and out. Then obviously with the injury to their quarterback, coming out of halftime we didn't really know what we were going to get. I thought our kids on defense stayed in tune with what they were supposed to do. On the one drive that they did score, I believe we had four missed tackles on that drive, then everything after that when we started tackling the football we didn't have any issues. Obviously we had some critical, critical turnovers in the special teams game. The one kick return and then David (Gilreath's) punt return. Those things in a tight ball game will end up getting you, but I like the way our kids prepared all week and it goes to show that we have great kids with a great mentality to get a road win like this."

On the end around plays with David Gilreath: "You guys have seen it and we have been able to execute it. At times we were able to see that we could get outside and around the perimeter outside of their contain player and getting it up inside. Sometimes they try to knife in and that's the big one happened, going all the way around the edge because they were trying to shorten our leverage. Obviously those plays highlight David's speed. There were a couple guys that did a really good job of blocking down the field today which is why some of those big runs happened."

On running the ball so many times: "Going back to Sunday, we saw that we could be able to keep the chains moving by running the ball and eat up the clock. Their offense has been very potent in certain situations where they can really get on a roll. Sometimes our best defense is our offense on the field."

On the big plays: "You can't put a price tag on what those big plays do for your momentum and energy. Guys get excited, they get up in the huddle after an exciting play and now they want to go out and get another one. I really saw our guys, especially at halftime, I wish they could have bottled up what was going on at halftime just from the standpoint that we hadn't played a clean game, we knew what was out there, we knew the opportunity that was out in front of us. We had been denied so many times this year in the same situation. I took a different approach at halftime. Rather than saying its 0-0, I said that we had a four-point lead and I had a strong indication that is wasn't going to be anything but a better situation in the second half."

On what he said at halftime: "That we needed a response. It wasn't a clean first half, then with the turnover that got us close, I went with the field goal to get us points to make sure we got something out of it."

On Jay Valai's forced fumble that set up the field goal at the end of the second quarter: "I think it starts with how many bad situations we had been in this year that to go on the road and in the second half, in Big Ten play turn it around was a positive. With the negative situations we had been in, the only way to make sure they don't turn into double negatives is to learn from them and move forward, and that is what we were able to do out there today."

On the defensive play in the second half: "I think they played Wisconsin football. They definitely knew that they were going to run the football. We talked about it as coaches at the half to the players and we talked about just being able to get off the field on 3rd down. If I'm not mistaken we had four three-and-outs to start the second half."

On Jay Valai's hit that caused the fumble: "I never saw it. It was kind of a busted play, it was the one where it was the quarterback draw up the inside. One thing about Jay, and I notice this from his high school film too, is that he doesn't need many steps to come up with a full speed hit. I can't give it up enough for Jay and guys like DeAndre Levy that came up to me and talked about getting put on special teams, especially on kickoff coverage just to have the ability to get down the field and make a play."

On Mario Goins on kick return for the first half of the game: "The way Indiana had been kicking the ball, we usually go with a single returner, and the way they spread the ball across the field and all of their different kickoff looks, we wanted to have two guys deep on the returns. We thought Mario would be our best chance since he had been out for two weeks and had done the best job of catching it during the last week of practice. So that's the reason we went with him there. As far as on defense, the look in his eye just wasn't the same as it was before to get him out there on the defense."

On Goins' decision to come out of the endzone on the kick return: "I think he was okay to come out with it, but I only saw it once. The play was designed to return outside the hash and he cut it inside coming off the goal line."

On the blocking during Gilreath's end around plays: "I think Garrett (Graham) did a great job coming out on the perimeter and Isaac Anderson also did a great job all day long. To me, I think Isaac gets the big picture and understands how he fits into it. And Kyle Jefferson, over the last two weeks has really come around and continued to develop. At the end I liked the way he competed and I can't say enough about Nick Toon. He rolled his ankle on Wednesday and missed the rest of practice and then told me out there on the field that he was going to be back, and he was the next day. He sprained it a little bit, but he didn't miss a beat, another indication of toughness that some of our younger guys are developing."

On the injury to Eric Vanden Heuvel: "I think it was the second play of the game if I'm not mistaken nd he was at the point. By the time I had gotten over there he was shaken up, he didn't really know what had happened. He didn't feel or hear a pop. The initial x-rays were negative, but he wasn't going to be able to return. The initial report was negative fracture wise."

On Jaevery McFadden's injury: "Jaevery was concussed. I thought there was going to be a chance he would come back, but midway through the third quarter the trainers came up to me and said he was done for the day."

On the win being good for the team's morale: "Yea it's great to win. It's good for the soul. Anytime we can go out and prove to our kids that if you work hard and stick with it and get a win, it's a good feeling. I pointed out to our guys that in college football there are a lot of teams that have been ranked and have national exposure and have been where we were at one point and they didn't respond and gave up lopsided losses. Our guys earned this victory in the second half and now we can't get a better opportunity in front of us with a trophy game this week. Minnesota is a good football team, much improved from a year ago and they gave us a good run last year. The Axe is in our locker room, and everything we talked about in the off season was about keeping our trophies. We let one go from us at Iowa, and now we have a great opportunity to keep one in our hands. Coach Bill Lynch and I talked about it before the game today that anyone can beat anybody at anytime in this league, and probably this year more than ever just because of all the injuries throughout the Big Ten."

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