Gilreath Talks End Around, Minnesota

Wisconsin wide receiver and Minnesota-native David Gilreath talks about the effectiveness of the end around against Indiana and how much the Minnesota-Wisconsin rivalry means to him.

Wisconsin wide receiver David Gilreath -

How long has it taken you to really master the end around?

I really haven't mastered it yet. I am still missing a couple things. It might look good, but guys are doing a good job because I am missing a couple things some times.

Like what?

Reads maybe. Going inside to outside or outside to inside.

Did you run this at all in high school?

Something like it, but … yeah, we actually ran it a few times in high school just like that. My junior and senior year, we changed it up but my sophomore year we ran it like that.

Is timing really important on that route?

I think the big thing is getting around that end. If that end crashes down, getting around him fast but the guys still have to do a good job getting out there.

It seemed like Rentmeester gave you a couple key blocks?

Yeah, but the big blocks were from Isaac Anderson. That safety when he crashes down like that, he can blow the whole thing up. Billy gave me a good block and once I get through Isaac and Billy, it's just running through there.

Describe the move that you put on the safety on the long touchdown run.

I guess it's just me running around. I felt that I had a step on him a little bit but I felt he would have caught me. He had a good angle on me but I had a step on him but I didn't think I could out run him. I gave him a little stutter step to get him off balance a little bit and take off again. I guess it worked a little bit.

Did it feel good to get in the open field?

Yeah. It looked good to when I saw it on TV. It felt good. They must have done a good job of blocking because it was just open for me to run. When I got home, I saw Isaac had a good block and you can't see it on the tape, but he drive his guy back to the end zone. We were on the 10 and he drove his guy back. You can't see it on TV but you can see it on film.

Is he about the best blocker you have as a perimeter player?

He's about the best blocker on the team. Just kidding. He's a good receiver period but he's a real good blocker on the team.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when Wisconsin-Minnesota rivalry talk comes up? Do you remember the games before?

I was actually at the game in 2003 when Jonathan Casillas blocked the punt. I was at that game. We were walking up the stairs and ready for it to be over and my dad said that Minnesota was going to choke and that he had been watching them (choke) for years. I told him that this game was over. Sure enough, block.

You hadn't committed yet?

I think I was a freshman or sophomore when I was there. I've seen it. It was pretty funny.

Have you embraced (the end around) role because it gives you another chance to have the football in space?

Yeah, it's fine to me. It doesn't bother me.

When those plays work, how much does that open up the passing game and the running game?

I guess it does a lot. We really haven't done any passes out of that but when I come in motion, I guess the linebackers have to respect it a little bit and the d-end doesn't cut up field. I know Clay and P.J. really open it up for me than me open it up for them when I come running because they respect it a little bit more.

What stands out from this game last year because you had some big returns?

Yeah, the punt returns I guess. It was a fun game too, being in the dome and being back home. That stands out and the big win. It was a close game and everything, so that stood out a lot.

Are you going to have a lot of family and friends down here this week?

I should. Not as much as back home but I should have a lot of family and friends here with me.

How important is this rivalry to you?

I've got a few friends on the team so it's important I guess for me. For the team, it's the axe thing.

What do you have to do to prevent them from running over to your sidelines and grabbing the axe from you?

Win. You've got to go out there and focus. From here on out, we only have two games, but it's a must win. Every game is a must win and it's a big game every week. We've got to focus on Minnesota this week.

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