Is Albert Young Close to Committing?

Albert Young lists Wisconsin as a heavy favorite following his official visit to Madison last weekend. Is the New Jersey running back star close to making a verbal commitment?

If there was any indication that Albert Young might be a little excited about the Badgers, it came in the locker room during his official visit last weekend.

While the other recruits simply put on jerseys with their names on them, Young decided to strip down and put on the entire get-up. He came out of the locker room with UW shoulder pads, leg pads and helmet on. He was ready to take the field if need be.

"Everybody else just had the jersey on. I was like, `Forget this man, we're putting the whole thing on,'" Young said. "It was a good time."

The 5-10, 205-pound running back star from Moorestown (N.J.) said he's not ready to commit to Wisconsin just yet, but it's likely to happen in the near future.

"Wisconsin is definitely my No. 1 school," Young said. "They've shown me the most love. They've been recruiting me since day one, and they've been No. 1 since day one. So everyone has to beat them out. But I don't want to give them a commitment yet unless I'm going to stick with it."

Young said he might cancel the rest of the visits he has set up.

"I would say Boston College is No. 2 but it's a distant No. 2," Young said. "Then I have a visit for Iowa, a visit for Miami and the last one is open. Colorado wants to get in there, and Syracuse and Minnesota."

Young said the fact Wisconsin paired him with Anthony Davis on his visit helped strengthen his stance on the school.

"It was fun, somebody you see on TV and hear so much about. It was good to see what he's about in person," Young said. "The thing that highlighted it the most is just the simple fact that they had AD be my host. Because nothing against anybody else, but they could have put me with a freshman, but they put me with the star player. Putting somebody with the star player, I guess they really want a kid. It's like that kid from Florida, getting Kevin Jones at Virginia Tech as a host. That really shows a lot."

Young said he's had talks with his guidance counselor about the level of academic support available, and she recommended Wisconsin as the best option.

"She doesn't even care about football. She said Wisconsin can support me really well and they were excited to see that," Young said.

Young said he's not going to rush to make a commitment because he wants to be absolutely sure before he makes a verbal.

"It's so early on, I don't want to give the coaches a commitment and not stick by it. Because I read about a lot of kids that (de-commit) and I don't want to do that to anybody," Young said. "When I commit to a school, it's going to be solid. So I'm talking it over with some people that I'm real close to, and I'm going to make a decision.

"Nothing really means anything until Signing Day anyway, but I know schools want to know where I stand. I told Coach (Barry) Alvarez and (Offensive Coordinator Brian) White that they're No. 1, so everybody has to beat them out."

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