Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry along with junior Jason Bohannon address the media after the Badgers survive a scare from Idaho State.

Wisconsin basketball post game -

partial transcript

Joe Krabbenhoft

On offensive rebounding: "That was huge. I thought we did a great job. Marcus (Landry) really set the tone and then Jon (Leuer) came out and got some nice offensive rebounds in the first half. Marcus got one in and that was great. Against the zone, that's what you have to do. You know you're going to get outside looks to Jason (Bohannon) and he shot 40 percent from the three, but you're going to have some misses, and so we have to clean those up, and that was a point of emphasis. Every week, every day we go at it, get on the glass, and we did a nice job because we knew against Marquette we didn't really do that so we wanted to bounce back and have a better performance."

Jason Bohannon

On what stands out to him from tonight's game: "There's a lot of things that stand out and there are a lot of things we can improve upon. I'm not really looking at those things right now, I'm looking at the things we can get better on. We're not really satisfied with where we're at. We're more dissatisfied with where we want to be, and that's kind of our whole mentality right now as a team."

Marcus Landry

On the team's performance on a scale of one to 10: "Zero. I mean, we stuck it out and we ended up on the left-hand side, but, like J-Bo (Bohannon) was saying, we have to get a lot better. We have to focus on the things that we can get better at. Today, I'm not satisfied with our performance. I don't think our team is as a whole, if I can speak for them. We just need to be better; we need to improve. There are no excuses. We should have executed more. There are a lot of things we can improve on."

On his shooting this game: "You take what they give you. I just found myself in the post a few times. I tried to be more aggressive this game, and things like that, and it worked out for me. Some days, it's not your day, and you have to find a way to get it done in other ways. And that's one thing I had to do. In the case at Marquette, I had to find another way to get myself and my team into a groove and it kind of hurt us. But, today I just tried to be more aggressive and really show a presence inside."

On improving on letting leads slip away: "I think today we didn't score on about nine possessions, I think it was, and if you look back at the Marquette game, I think it was the same thing. We didn't score for nine possessions and it hurts us when you don't score on possessions and they go out and score on nine possessions, and leads get cut down right away. So we really have to make sure that we keep executing and keep finding open guys and knocking down shots and making baskets so those leads don't slip away from us."

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