Bo Ryan Post Game - Wisconsin-Green Bay

It's almost comical, but Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan continues his perfect record against UW-Green Bay, going a perfect 8-0 against the Phoenix after Wisconsin's 77-57 victory Saturday night.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

On UW attacking the basket: "Well you take advantage of whatever somebody's doing to you, and they were pressuring the wings and pressuring the ball pretty hard, so you have to dribble release at times and attack gaps. It is always easier to talk about it afterwards, but that is all part of what you build in when you are practicing. Teams are play the ball a certain way, play away from the ball a certain way and take what is available. I thought our guys made some good decisions—Pop (Marcus Landry) and J-Bo (Jason Bohannon), J-Bo especially."

On Joe Krabbenhoft recording a career high for scoring (15 points): "He took advantage of some things and had good dribble attacks also. He let them come to him for the most part. He did not force stuff. He was strong with the ball. That is how Joe can play. I am not saying he can get 15 every night, but there are nights when it can happen. Because, evidentially it did."

On the defensive strategy on Troy Cotton: "Well, J-Bo and Rob (Wilson) know (Ryan) Tillema and Cotton are very good outside shooters. Tillema gave them that extra dimension they did not have earlier in the year. He came back last game and hit a couple. We know how he can score. And Cotton can score. Those are two guys that we have seen play since they were 12-years-old. They worked hard, and our guys had to work hard to stop them. Because they can definitely stroke it."

On Keaton Nankivil's performance: "He did a good job of putting his body on people, blocking out, moving his feet. His presence was definitely something that we had to have against this team. Green Bay has been playing extremely well. They beat a team that beat the 23rd-ranked Kansas Jayhawks earlier today in Massachusetts. They have done some good things. They got off to a rocky start and Tod (Kowalczyk) has done a good job of getting those guys to do some really good things. Fortunately, these 40 minutes, our guys did better things."

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