Frederick: 'It's Really A Family Up There'

One of many verbal commits to make the journey to Madison last weekend, offensive lineman Travis Frederick checks in with Badger Nation to give his recap of events during his official visit.

Travis, you finally were able to make it to Madison for your official visit after committing back in June. Was it worth the wait and how did it go?

Travis Frederick: It went really well. I was really excited to be there and everybody treated us all great. We ate a lot and we got to see everything. It was a real great. We went to the senior awards banquet on Friday, got to take bunch of tours, see the facilities and watch practice on Saturday and had brunch at Coach Bielema's house on Sunday. It was just a fun weekend.

Have you had a chance to go to a basketball game in Madison before?

I got a chance to go once before when I came up for Junior Day last February.

This time was obviously a little different with you being officially committed and going to the game with 11 of your teammates. Can you describe the atmosphere this time around and hanging out with your teammates?

It was really great to get to know all these guys that are going to be my teammates and that I am going to be spending a lot of time with. It really is a great group of guys and each and every one of them are solid guys and good kids. Going to the basketball game together and doing everything together during the weekend, just getting a chance to enjoy each other and get to know each other a little better, really was a good opportunity for us to build that relationship.

Do you know anyone before the visit and did you get a chance to bond with anyone in particular?

I knew a couple of the guys just from being in state and seeing them at the games, like Ryan Groy, Shelby Harris and Jordon Kohout. I did get to meet Jeff Duckworth, Chris Borland (both great guys) and Jon Budmayr, who I had met once or twice before. I really can't pick out one who I bonded the most with because they all are a solid group.

Who was your host for the visit?

I was with Jake Current on Friday and Saturday I had Peter Konz.

We had talked after the championship game about how you and Current had really bonded and talked a lot about Wisconsin and spring football. The prior conversations with me probably made for an enjoyable Friday?

We had talked about being out there and he had been my connection to the inside of the program before this weekend. It was really great to have him around and spend some time to bond with him on Friday night.

From talking to you in the past, it seems like both Jake and Konz had really been influential to you since you committed in order to prepare you for what you need to do to get ready for spring football and get the ins and outs of the program. Would that be pretty accurate in saying that?

Yeah, yeah that is accurate. Both of them expressed that if I ever needed help with anything or anything like that, they would be more than willing to help me out or call them up if I had any questions. They are just like everybody up there, especially the offensive line. The line guys really stick up for each other and watch out for each other, which makes it really great. It's really like a family up there.

Looking at this year's class and last year's class, there are a lot of offensive linemen that have been recruited and UW is losing three senior linemen. Are you looking forward to getting in there in the spring and be apart of some good healthy competition?

Absolutely. On the visit this weekend, I got a chance to sit down with Coach Bostad and a couple of the offensive linemen and we watched film and talked about a couple of the plays and what the responsibilities and the calls were. We sat down and learned four or five plays, which was really exciting to know that someday I will be doing those plays, get an opportunity to learn those plays and play with the caliber of people that are playing there right now. It's amazing to think that two or three years ago, these were the guys I looked up to. They were my heroes because they were so good at high school football and going to Wisconsin. All of a sudden, I am going to be playing with those guys.

When do you leave for Madison and who is your roommate going to be?

Pretty soon. I leave January 11th. I'm going to be rooming with Jordon Kohout. We had spend a lot of time together, more than anyone else, so the coaches thought it would be a good idea that we live together. It will be nice to get use to classes and studying without a major commitment to football right away.

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