Ready to Catch On

The only wide receiver in Wisconsin's 2009 class so far, Ohio prep receiver Jeff Duckworth is ready to show his talents to the Badger faithful when he officially hits campus this summer.

MADISON - Ohio native and future Badger Jeff Duckworth is ready to challenge himself and be a big game receiver for Wisconsin next year.

Duckworth in his senior season accumulated 52 catches for 800 yards and scored eight times while ending up with eight interceptions on the defensive side of the ball. The most recent visit to Wisconsin was last weekend, where he got to talk to his future coaches and teammates, Duckworth was able to get a feel of the atmosphere he would be stepping into when he puts on the red and white.

"It was great," Duckworth told Badger Nation. "I got to spend time with teammates and spent a lot of time with the coaches."

Duckworth's impressions of everyone he encountered were nothing but positive and seemed excited for the opportunity to play for a team like the Badgers.

"It felt like a family atmosphere and the players seemed like a real cool group of people." said Duckworth.

There is only six more months before he arrives at Wisconsin and Duckworth has put in plenty of hard work to get himself ready for the next level of playing football. Duckworth has not only been training his body to get in top form but also exercising his mind so that he can be fully prepared for what ever Wisconsin would ask of him.

"Physically I have been working with a personal trainer," he said. "We have been working on my speed. Mentally I have been preparing myself to be ready to learn the playbook and challenge myself everyday on the field and in the classroom."

Duckworth was a big game receiver for his school and hopes to be a key possession receiver for the Badgers and become reliable for the offense. Duckworth also noted that off the field, the coaching staff and school wouldn't have to worry about any character issues with him. Duckworth will work in every facet of his life to be as successful as he can on the field and in the classroom.

"The team won't have to worry about any off the field antics or my school work, and I will be able to contribute as a possession receiver that will run good routes and go hard every single play." said Duckworth.

Whether it's on or off the field, Duckworth hopes to be a big help for the Badgers and plans on making the most out of this rare opportunity to play for a prominent team like the Badgers.

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