Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media following Wisconsin's 74-69 loss against Texas Tuesday night in Madison.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

On what the team was looking for during the play when Trevon Hughes's shot was blocked late in the game: "Same thing you always do. You try to get to the rim and get the clock stopped. We were playing from behind. There were two guys, I do not think he (Hughes) saw the one guy from off of his side, but once you draw that many people you kick it out then. But Trevon is one of those guys that you love him for the fact that he likes to make something happen. He thought he could get a foul, he thought he could get to the line, he thought he would get a 3-point play. He knows the options. The problem is you only get one chance to do it and it just did not turn out that way. He was never able to get it off."

On Texas' offensive rebounding and second chances: "Did you see the bodies? Did you see the players? What do you want me to talk about? We are lucky they did not get 40. It is a battle—they are pretty active. Not only do they have the size, but they are pretty quick off the floor, they have good wing spans—the whole thing. They are pretty active on the glass. We have to do a better job. They beat us to the ball. A lot of wild shots, a lot of shots firing off the rim pretty hard too. I mean, there were some shots thrown up there that didn't touch iron and they were getting them too. It was a dogfight in there."

On the amount of time Marcus Landry spent on the bench: "You get fouls, you go to the bench. It has been a part of the game from the beginning. That sounds like a cop-out if you say, ‘Oh, well if we had Marcus on the floor…' Our last two losses, Marcus has been on the bench quite a bit with fouls. But, then do not get to the bench with fouls. Or have teammates making sure that we are picking up for them and that is just the way it is."

On Wisconsin's looks in the last minutes of the game: "I thought we had some looks. We were trying to get to the free throw line a little more. [If] we made two more free throws we shoot our average. Three of the guys go 11-for-11; a couple guys struggled. But with all the pressure they can put on, with athletic as they are on the wings, with their quickness, to have only two turnovers in the second half—Joe's [Krabbenhoft] handoff to the other team at half court and, I think Jason Bohannon had a charge—if you only do two of those against a team like Texas with the type of pressure they were putting on, that is how we had a chance to be successful. We had our chance. And it just goes to show you other teams can bank shots too. We are not the only one."

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