Root Comments on Move to FB

California native Greg Root hasn't seen the field yet as a Badger, even in a special teams capacity. A move to fullback this month might be a move in the right direction. Root talked to Badger Nation about the change.

Given the fact he has yet to step on the field yet, even in a special teams capacity, redshirt freshman Greg Root was all ears when Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove approached him and asked if he would be open to a major change in his career.

Root, a 6-2, 242-pound linebacker from Palmdale, Calif., was asked to move to fullback, backing up Russ Kuhns and Matt Bernstein. The move would position Root as the No. 2 fullback entering next season, with Kuhns' eligibility expiring following the Alamo Bowl.

"(Cosgrove) asked if me if I was okay with it, and I said sure, whatever helps out the team," Root said. "I'm excited. I played that in high school, and I was kind of thinking about it anyways."

Root was a two-way star in high school, but has always thought himself as a linebacker first and foremost.

"I always thought defense was for real men, but I'm kind of switching it up a little bit," Root said. "It's kind of the same thing, but it's tougher to learn than defense. You have to keep your feet on the block and stuff like that. It's tough to learn, but I don't get discouraged. I just keep going as fast as I can and keep going tough."

Root said Kuhns and Bernstein are two of his best friends on the team, which has made the transition a lot easier. Both players have spent time on and off the field helping Root learn the position.

And while Root is excited about the move, he doesn't necessarily have visions of knocking off Bernstein for the starting job next season.

"Bernie is really good," Root said. "I'm just still happy to be here. Sure, I'd love to be on the field, but as long as I'm helping out the team, it sounds good to me."

Root said the move to linebacker was not merely a pre-bowl game experiment. He expects to be a fullback from this point forward.

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