Young Talks About Decision

New Jersey blue-chipper Albert Young has finally made his commitment to Wisconsin official, after leaning towards the Badgers from day one. Young talks about why he decided to let the cat out of the bag and declare himself a Badger.

Albert Young said Offensive Coordinator Brian White wasn't very surprised when he confirmed yesterday he was committing to Wisconsin. He had basically broken the news to the coaching staff several days earlier, but wanted some time before making it public.

White flew all the way out to Moorestown, New Jersey yesterday just to help Young sort out some academic issues, which impressed him and his mother more than anything else.

"I talked to my mom, and she just said, `Man, he just does too much. They must really want you,'" Young said. "I mean, everybody talks about academics, but they give it to their people to deal with, to project what you are going to be. He actually did it all by himself, looked at the numbers, looked at the situation and told me everything is going to be alright. To come out here all the way from Wisconsin two or three times, that is really a wonderful thing."

Young said he has been leaning towards Wisconsin from day one, and his announcement didn't surprise anyone. But he is thrilled to finally make his choice public.

"Now I can concentrate on grades," Young said. "I just have to tell the other coaches, and that's tough. But there's nothing that can change my mind. There is nothing else that anybody can show me. The support is there at Wisconsin. They have been recruiting me the longest and the hardest. And Wisconsin is where I'm going to go."

Young said one of the things that impressed him about White's visit yesterday was that football didn't even come up in the conversation until the last few minutes before White was leaving.

He said White has a genuine concern for his well-being, and wants to see him succeed in the classroom and as an overall college student. But after White confirmed his commitment to White, his football coaches, mother and guidance counselor, White did talk to Young a little bit about his plans for the 5-10, 205-pound star.

Young said he might get a look as the No. 2 tailback next season.

"Of course you know Anthony is the man, but (I'd like to) come in and be able to take some things off him," Young said. "I saw the Minnesota game. He almost had 50 carries. That's a lot of carries for my man. I think they want to take some carries off him, lighten his load somewhat.

"I'd love to come in and be able to contribute and do some things. But if Coach White doesn't think I'm ready, and he thinks I should wait, I will have no problem with that. But I'm going to go in and try to go out there and do something, compete and try to get some playing time out there."

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