Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after the Badgers win their 10th straight conference home opener, besting Penn State, 65-61, Saturday afternoon.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

Selective Quotes

On Marcus Landry's performance:

"Words probably can say a certain amount but I think if people know the game and they watch and they see the little things that he did, you see the points. He got good position, defensively he played pretty hard. (Jamelle) Cornley was hitting some tough shots but then (Landry) cooled him down a little bit. He played a complete game and we needed it."

On holding Talor Battle to just six points:

"They've got so many weapons, it's not like we only said this is the one guy. We knew (Stanley) Pringle could shoot, there were no surprises there and we knew Cornley could do certain things. The big difference was the four 3's in a row and all four of them were from pretty good distance and were pretty good shots. But in four of their straight possessions there were 12 points and anytime you can do that … I mean most teams don't recover from that. Fortunately, we had a little cushion in there to absorb that and our guys still stayed true to the game. We still touched the post, we still got some looks and got to the free throw line."

On whether or not he was surprised the game went down to the wire:

"No, I think like the first year we played them here, it was a last possession game or our first or second year or somewhere in there. We never care about the name on the jersey or whether we've handled them or they've handled (us), it's still about that 40 minutes. They made some tough offensive plays and I thought defensively they did a much better job on certain things and their players have learned some. Battle is older, Pringle, he's obviously someone that has been around and Cornley played this year. Cornley not playing last year I think really hurt them, but it happens to us, it happens to other teams. You play with who's there and this one was a much tougher game and that's what we kind of expected. There will be a lot of games in the Big Ten like this for everybody."

On Landry's block late in the game:

"Well I would have loved to see Marcus grab that ball out of the air or not block it to a 3-point shooter. Morrisey got a pretty good look if I'm not mistaken if that's the play you're referring to. Come on Marcus, if you're going to block a shot, don't block it to a 3-point shooter. Block it to a guy that has to dunk it to score. I don't think he knew that when he went up, but he was pretty emphatic with it. Sometimes I like to see those blocks stay close to your body and grab the rebound."

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