Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry along with junior Trevon Hughes address the media following the Badgers four point victory over Penn State, moving the Badgers to 2-0 in the Big Ten Conference.

Wisconsin basketball post game -

Selected Quotes

Marcus Landry

On his last-second dunk: "The guys (Penn State players) came up to double team Trévon (Hughes) and they just left me back there. So I just went up and I knew I had to finish. If I would have missed, they could have came out and hit another three. So I just went up and hit a dunk."

On defending (Jamelle) Cornley: "He is as strong as ever, so we were just going at it. He got position on me and I got position on him. He was finishing and I was finishing. He is just a good player. He is what—6'5" maybe? He plays like he is 7'."

On his fade-away to put UW up by three points with 40 seconds left: "I had been scoring on the block and I guess that time I realized I did not have Cornley on me so I decided to take advantage of that. He played really good defense so I am just glad I made that shot."

Joe Krabbenhoft

On holding Talor Battle to six points: "Trévon should be answering this more than I should because he did a great job on him. The shots he (Battle) did hit were contested; nothing was easy. Even Jordan (Taylor) and J-Bo (Jason Bohannon) on him (Stanley Pringle) did just a tremendous job. We have been emphasizing that in practice—the guys keeping guards in front. They hit tough shots with hands in the faces and you have to give them credit. But to limit Talor Battle to six points is a tremendous job."

On UW's response to the PSU comeback: "They were hitting tough shots. We just kept guarding it on offense and tried to do what we wanted to do. Trévon's been doing a great job with getting guys in the huddle and really letting people know what we are going to do when we get the ball on our end and we just kept to our game plan. We kept looking inside to Marcus, and if he was kicking it out, great, if not, we just looked for him to score. When the shot clock goes down, he has been making great decisions and that is what kept us going. He is a great floor general out there and when we get it inside to the big guy here (Landry) you have the job done."

Trevon Hughes

On the last eight possessions of the game: "On the last six or eight possessions we just tried to get the ball and make the best shot available to us. Every game we just try to get it into the post and he (Landry) draws double teams, so they leave the shooters open, and our shots can fall from the three. So he was making tough shots and he and Cornley were going at each other and I think it was a well-battled game."

On his big 3-point shot: "I had to take that shot, because when the shot clock ran out the ball was in my hands. We were setting up a one-plus, which is a ball screen on the right side, but we had to run it down the left-hand side because the shot clock was down to seven seconds. Marcus had been making all those shots the whole night, so two guys were on him and left me wide open, so I took the open shot."

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