Wozniak Excited to Make an Impact

Loveland High School's 45th-ranked Brian Wozniak has gone through a big transformation since committing to Wisconsin, a change that has impressed his future coaches.

MADISON - Senior tight end and incoming freshman Brian Wozniak is certainly getting his fill of the Wisconsin campus. Recently on hand in Camp Randall to see the Badgers keep the Paul Bunyan Axe away from Minnesota, Wozniak made another track to Madison with some of his future teammates to experience Wisconsin basketball last month at the Kohl Center on his official visit.

Wozniak thought the experience he had was great and being able to get insight on the team helped him that much more on what he needs to do to step up his game.

"I had a lot of fun and all around good time," said Wozniak.

Wozniak's expectations of the Badgers were fulfilled when he saw the ‘never say die' attitude from his future team. Wozniak's thought they made the right improvements at half time to be able to pull out a win against Big Ten rival Minnesota.

"It was a great game to watch," he said. "They were due to make a second half comeback and I'm glad they got to win."

Wozniak was able to talk extensively with a few influential people that will help him along the way in his career as a Badger, including tight ends coach Joe Rudolph and freshman tight end Jake Byrne. Wozniak has been able to develop a close working relationship with these two, especially Rudolph, who he has been talking with weekly since March.

Wozniak's favorite part of his official visit was being able to talk with his future teammates and establishing some bonds with them that will help carry them in to next season.

"My favorite part of the trip was meeting everyone and being able to hang out with them," said Wozniak. "The Badgers are a good recruit team that is tough and smart but at the same time they are down to earth."

Wozniak's physique has been changing and that his goal to be in top physical condition for the next level. Since football season has been over, he has been playing for his high school basketball team. He wants to keep himself in top form and plans to be at a certain weight by the time he enters training camp for the Badgers.

"I'm 230 pounds right now playing basketball and I will want to be 235 pounds going into my freshman year at Wisconsin," said Wozniak.

Wozniak knows that the tight end position will be a tough competition to see who gets playing time. Wozniak's personal expectations are to show the coaching staff his work ethic and determination to be the best at his position, all things that he believes will impress the coaching staff and help him make a splash in the Big Ten Conference.

"Expectations are to work my butt off, do everything I can and show coaches the effort I'm making," said Wozniak. "At the same time I plan to get acclimated with everyone and get noticed by the coaching staff."

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