Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Able to hold off Northwestern and a pestering sneeze, Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after the Badgers 29-point victory over the Wildcats Wednesday evening.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On being the team's most complete effort of the season: "I look at the stat sheet and never try to get too high or too low. I thought we touched the post several times and got some good inside-outside looks. We tried to take away their best looks. How the game started, they were on pace to score 100. Sometimes our defensive players had to realize that they [Northwestern] can do a lot. Northwestern has done some good things against some good teams, some real athletic teams."

On Bohannon's play tonight: "He took good shots, didn't force things. Northwestern is a team that can throw different things at you and you can end up playing right into their hands. Marcus [Landry] got some post touches; those are pretty high percentage shots. Later on, those dried up and we got some nice outside looks and a couple in-between shots. J-Bo [Bohannon] was the leader in that, and Trevon [Hughes] did a good job with that too."

On the team's defensive performance: "I know you will find this hard to believe, but I'll be able to find 20-30 things we did not do well on some of those possessions when we didn't cover well and handle those screens. When you look at a number, our guys did a pretty good job, but there are things to do better. We have to play them again. Little things you can't let get away from you, because they can go on 10-12-14 point spurts at any time."

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