Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Sophomore guard Jason Bohannon, sophomore forward Jon Leuer and senior Marcus Landry, with his daughter in hand, address the media following UW's dominating win over the Wildcats

Wisconsin post game -

partial transcript

Marcus Landry

On the team's defensive effort against Northwestern: "It was really good. In the beginning, we kind of struggled, and I think they scored four possessions or we got beat backdoor, but for the most part I think it was pretty good. We kept most everything in front of us and we played good defense for the most part."

On UW's rebounding efforts: "It was pretty good. We all rebounded our opponents and did well boxing out. You have to take advantage of smaller teams, and also, teams that play zone, because you do not have one single person that you have to box out. You can go get whoever is near you. One of the things we emphasized in practice this week is getting to the glass and getting some rebounds."

Jon Leuer

On the defensive approach against Northwestern: "I thought we had one of our best defensive performances of the year. I felt like anything they tried to do, we had an answer for it, and I was really pleased with that. I was really pleased with the effort everyone gave and the hustle plays and everything. I thought we played really well defensively."

Jason Bohannon

On moving the ball and getting assists: "We did a great job moving the ball, looking up and down. We had multiple guys that had multiple assists, and when you have that, you know you are playing good basketball. There were times tonight when we were getting six passes, clean and crisp, moving it around the perimeter and getting a lay-up. When you have that going on, you know you are going to play well that night."

On the defensive approach against Northwestern: "Northwestern does a lot of back-cutting and stuff like that, and they are very patient and disciplined as well, and we had to match their patience and discipline on defense. We could not let them cut us back, we had to make them shoot tough shots, just like it always is. We just stuck to our same defensive philosophy that Coach Ryan had on us from day one."

On improving against zone defenses: "Well, I think we are just getting more used to playing against them. We are doing a good job of moving the ball and moving bodies. When you are moving the ball, you are moving a lot of bodies on the defensive end. We have people cutting now, and people flashing into all these areas that are open, and we are finding all these soft spots, and that is a big key when you play a zone defense—finding all the soft spots—and we are doing a good job of that right now."

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