Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Watching his team blow a 12-point second-half lead, Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan reluctantly addresses the media after the Badgers fall at home in overtime to Minnesota, 78-74.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On Marcus Landry holding the ball at the end of the second period: "What happens is that you get so intent on that last possession defensively that you just lose track of time. With two seconds left, I do not know what sort of shot he was going to get. He came to the ball, so he was going to have to turn around, take one dribble and let it go. He just lost track."

On Wisconsin's defensive play in overtime: "We did not so much play them straight up. We told them to make Minnesota put it on the floor. That we did not do. The big theory is to force the guy with the ball to have to attack into 2-point range and we did not do that. Some of Minnesota's guys have such quick releases. You go out there and try to foul a guy and they let it go, there are three shots. We had it happen in practice in years past. The key was to close and to force the guy to put it on the floor."

On his evaluation of Wisconsin's performance versus Minnesota's performance: "They had 20 points on their last 10 possessions to send the game into overtime. It came from their aggression, it came from our guys making some mistakes—they are human. The problem was that they were too human in too short a period of time. If you are looking at those possessions, they hit a three with 14 minutes or so to go. Their last two shots in regulation were threes. It is not like they were firing and making a lot of threes. We were trying to take dribble-drives away and do things like that. What really hurt us were the points they gained on the turnovers, because then you are spread out, your offense goes to defense quickly. They were much more athletic than us with, from one through five with who they had on the floor, and we were not quick enough to transition back defensively we turned it over. So we were not in position to play our normal five-on-five half-court defense which held them to 42 points in 36 minutes and some seconds, which does not matter. But it sure looked good until that point. We have been in that same position, where we have done that to a team or two, and you say, ‘How?' Sometimes you scratch your head, and first you have to pick up for your mistakes and get better, and secondly, you say the other team took advantage of opportunities."

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