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Wisconsin senior Marcus Landry and junior Jason Bohannon address the media following the Badgers 78-74 overtime loss to border-rival Minnesota Thursday night.

Wisconsin Players -

partial transcript

Marcus Landry

On his feeling of the game: "A loss like this always hurts. You come in and you're up 10 with about four minutes to go and you end up losing the game. These are the games that hurt. These are the games that stick with you. These are the games that you never want to happen again in the future. You don't want to have games like this again. It's really important that we take it to heart and learn."

On dealing with the loss and moving forward: "It's tough… You think about the game, and you always think about what you could have done differently, but it doesn't change the outcome of the game at all. These are the games that keep you up at night thinking about it. After failing and things like that, you definitely have to learn from this game and then put it behind you. You have to be able to not focus too much on this game, because otherwise you can lose focus in the future. You need to learn from it and put it behind you."

Jason Bohannon

On how long the loss will stay with them: "Well a loss like this is pretty tough. We had the lead at about 10 points or so with about four minutes to go, and we kind of blow it right down the stretch. It's really tough, but it's the Big Ten Conference and we have to come ready to play every night. That was a tough loss, but we have to move on to the next one. We have a tough game coming up at Iowa, so we have to come ready to play, regardless of what happens in the past."

On Minnesota's pressure defense: "We just made some poor decisions as a team, collectively. I had some, Trevon (Hughes) had some, everyone had some. We have to correct that. It was tough to handle. They did a good job pressuring, but we should have been able to break it and make smarter decisions. I'm sure we'll get at it at practice the next couple days."

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