Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

A clearly frustrated Bo Ryan addresses the media following Wisconsin's fifth straight conference loss, blowing a late lead and momentum in a 64-63 loss to No.16 Purdue. The loss gives Wisconsin its third home loss of the season, most since 2000.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

On Purdue's three late 3-pointers:

"Three-minute mark, two-minute mark, one-minute mark. You know you took away their drives to the basket that they got in the first half, and you know you're going to have to help and recover. But, you know, they were big moments for them, and their players hit them. You know, they stepped off, they made the good read. Moore is one of those guys, I think he was the passer on a couple of those. You've got to stop him, he obviously had a lot better game than he did at their place. But they found the open guy and they hit him. They didn't take a whole lot. What did they take in the second half, from three? Miss three, make three. Not good timing for us when they hit them. But, we'll hit your poison sometimes."

On the team's offense down the stretch:

"Got some looks, we missed shots around the basket. You have to finish eight feet and in. I've listened to a lot of other coaches when they say that, you find yourself saying that, and it's true. You have to finish when you get the ball in the paint. We didn't finish enough."

On Wisconsin's drive with 17 seconds left:

"We got to the rim. That's what we were trying to do. If they shut that out, we sent shooters to spots, and we sealed the opposite blocks. That's what we were looking to do. And again, I think you just, that's a freshman doing that. That was, you know, good dribble penetration, he did some good things with the ball. So hopefully that will keep getting better with him. Because he certainly has stepped up. If they come off on him and stop him then you go to next, and it's called making a play and you have to create the action. If it goes down, we're in great shape. Well, better shape, if it's tied and not down two. They do us a favor, and miss a free throw on the front end of a one-and-one. Opportunity."

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