Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media following the Badgers' 63-50 victory over No.23 Illinois, breaking UW's six-game losing streak in the process.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On the team rallying around a struggling player: "Well, its a block, in the construction process. When he missed the dunk, do you think they all got down on him? So you have to take the good with the bad but somebody said that Bruce [Weber] mentioned about the squeeze play. They run some pretty good stuff, and everybody likes to think they run pretty good stuff. He got his first one as result of a little, and I can't believe he said squeeze, if that's the term he used, because that's what I called it because being a baseball coach. When guys at practice said ‘alright coach, what are we going to call this?' In the past it was kind of like a swinging door, a gate closing on a shooter coming up through the middle. Iowa runs it coming out off a wing. I've seen some other teams do it, but he still has to make the shot. But the fact that that was the first one, did that get him going? I don't know. But he still has to stare down the others. But Jason is one of those guys who can do that. He did that against Indiana last year, down there, and some other games that he's had for us. He's a good shooter, he's getting to be a better defender too."

On offensive strategy: "Well, you know, if you go to enough press conferences, they made shots, we didn't, we made shots, they didn't. Its an easy way to get back to your office and get your stuff and go home. So you answer something very quickly: yeah, we made shots. But how did you get your shots? I thought our movement away from the ball was pretty decent. We made them cover, and they didn't do a bad job of it. We hit some shots that made them have to stretch a little bit early. What'd they shoot from three in the first half? Northwestern hits their first four. What's that going to do to you defensively? You have got to stretch, you've got to extend the low, of course that opens something else up. Illinois' 1-for-9, I believe, in the first half. So we're not stretching as much. We're taking some driving lines away and that's the way things work sometimes. The last two games, you saw two completely different things happen defensively."

On hustle opportunities: "That was a big key. I think the crowd gets into that too. Its kind of hustle opportunities. The fans here and the people here are very very appreciative and I think you can tell that of hustle opportunities, its just the Wisconsin way. I thought our hustle opportunity situations were there, and the crowd fed off it and I think that had our players feeding off of it. A loose ball, tracking one down is a hustle play. I thought we did a pretty good job with those things tonight. It isn't because in other games you aren't trying to do that. I thought we took advantage of the opportunities that we did get with our hustle. Except for the missed dunk."

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