Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin senior Marcus Landry, junior Jason Bohannon and sophomore Jon Leuer address the media following Wisconsin's 13-point win over Illinois Thursday night.

Wisconsin post game -

partial transcript

Marcus Landry

On winning after a dry spell: Before, losing games came down to the final few possessions, us making mistakes or the other team getting hot. In those games, I believe, we also had a lead but today we maintained our lead. That's why we were successful.

On Bohannon's missed dunk: Well, I always tell him he can't jump anyways. I guess he felt like he was flying today and he went up for the dunk. He could have had 22.

Jon Leuer

On Bohannon creating momentum: When you have a shooter like Jason on the outside, it frees up options on the inside. You can just feel the energy every time he gets an open shot; the whole stadium stands up. It helps out not just on the inside but also helps the flow of our offense. We get in a rhythm when he's hitting them.

Jason Bohannon

On significance of the win: It was very big for us. We need to start fast and finish strong. There have been times in games where we've had a three or four minute stretch where we didn't necessarily play Wisconsin basketball. Tonight we played a full forty minutes and it really paid off. We had a nice lead at the end of the game.

On their last game against Illinois: Last time we got open shots. It wasn't that we weren't getting open shots, it's that we weren't hitting them. Tonight we tried to capitalize on the open shots we were getting. We stuck to the rules. If you get an open shot take it; if you don't pass it to the next guy.

On using a win to create a streak: We had a tough stretch there. There were a lot of games when we were right in it, but didn't pull it out. Tonight we got a lot better at the things we were struggling at earlier. Hopefully we can take that on to the next game and get a little streak out of it.

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