Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after the Badgers beat Iowa, 69-52, for their 11th win in their last 13 games over Hawkeyes, including a surprise to Bo - his team scoring 29 points on 14 Iowa turnovers.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On Trevon Hughes' performance:

"You can take every category and he [Hughes] worked hard at it. He might have been exposed on one thing or another, but if you take every possession and you look at his positioning and where he's steering guys, what he's doing defensively, what he's doing offensively, getting guys into position, he played a pretty good game obviously. It's hard to pick just one thing."

On using the team's size advantage:

"Well is it heart or is it size. We always talk about it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight of the dog. I thought our guys looked pretty scrappy as far as how they went to the glass. They stayed active. They got their hands up. John Leuer, Marcus [Landry] in the second half with a couple of those offensive rebounds; We were pretty active. I don't think it's necessarily size that was the difference, but it was positioning."

On the team's 29 points off of Iowa's 14 turnovers:

"I've never even heard of that. We've got to check that. Who's in charge of that category? I've never seen that. Has anybody here? I could have some fun while I'm watching the DVD tomorrow and breaking it down. I could check it. That would be pretty good if you can do that. I'll have to check it."

On the team's 7-0 run following the technical at the end of the first half:

"You know things in life present themselves, some more than others, but the scenario like that doesn't come along very often. It wasn't anything intentional and at the end of it, it's a foul. The thing that got me a little excited was the way Marcus jumped up. You can't do that part of it, but he realized that right away as soon as he got up. You still have to go to the line and make the free-throws. You still have to do something with your possessions. I thought Pops' [Hughes] decision at the end on the pass to J-Bo [Bohannon], he drew the guy, drove, dished and delivered. J-Bo delivered. He stood up and hit the shot. All that could be was maybe a four point swing but hitting that three makes it seven so it looks a lot better on the stat sheet. That was a big difference for us going into the locker room, but it's always 0-0 at half. That was the first half and then it's time to get ready for the second."

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