Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry along with juniors Jason Bohannon and Trevon Hughes address the media following the Badgers' third-straight win, this one being a 69-52 victory over 10th-place Iowa.

Wisconsin post game -

partial transcript

Jason Bohannon

On his performance: "It was more of Marcus' night with the 1000 points. It was a great team victory for us and we're happy to be playing well again. We played some great possessions today and we need to keep that going for the game on Saturday."

On playing Iowa: "We treat it like any other game, but it always ends up being more than that. Whether it's with the fans or not, I always try to treat it like any other game. [Iowa] is a good team and they are getting better as the season goes on."

Joe Krabbenhoft

On the Badgers' run at the end of the first half: "It gets us so fired up to get out there in the second half, we have to calm ourselves down. In the locker room we were all really excited about how we ended it. Trevon [Hughes] did a great job. He got that steal and one thing led to another and got the pass to Jason who knocked it down. It was great momentum and the crowd really got into it. That's as loud as it got all year and it was nice to see that."

On being proud of Marcus Landry: "He didn't even know [he was close to getting 1,000 points]. We were on the bus after the plane home from Penn State and I'm the one who told him. ‘You're going to do it in front of the home crowd?' He said, ‘What are you talking about?' I said, ‘Seven more points. You think you can do it?' He didn't even know. That's the type of player he is. He just goes out there and does his business. It's all about the team and the way he's been helping us, in so many ways, I'm just so proud of him. He's been one of my best friends since we got here and to reach that milestone is great, but he's the first one to say it's all about the team. That's what's important and that's what makes him a great teammate and great player."

Trevon Hughes

On how Joe Krabbenhoft scores quietly: "Tonight [Joe] did a good job. He shot 70% like you can see on the sheet. We turned our defense around the last two or three games and we feed off of that. It created some good open shots for us."

On being able to create plays tonight: "I'm not settling for the three. The last three games I shot 1 for 17, I think, and it was a struggle because I was settling for the long ball and not driving to the game like I should be and distributing the ball once I get in the lane. My main focus of today's game was trying to beat my guy, draw another defender and kick it out to the open guy. It worked to our favor today."

Marcus Landry

On his experience preventing from reacting to the technical foul: "My thing was, if I would have just fallen down and not gotten up like I did, they wouldn't have called it. I kind of sold the end of it. And I know from experience not to retaliate. I'm not that kind of guy anyway. I'm always smiling."

On what's it like to join players like Alando Tucker and Michael Finley on the 1000-point roster: "When you speak of those guys, they're way beyond those points, but to even be mentioned in the same list as those guys is a great accomplishment. Those guys have done a lot for the program and it's even more than just those two guys, but those two guys probably stand out a lot. It does mean a lot to me; probably not as much as it will down the road, especially since we have a lot more games to play. Maybe when I'm a little older I'll be able to look back and get the feeling of what it really means."

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