Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after his Badgers extend their winning streak to four games, its longest since November, with a 55-50 victory over No.24 Ohio State Saturday night.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On the play of Joe Krabbenhoft:

"I'd give him a 98. Deduct two points though for not knowing the amount of seconds on the shot clock, but he did okay. I'm not trading him. I don't know if I've ever yelled ‘shoot' louder in all my life. And I didn't even yell when my kids played basketball to shoot the ball. I always wanted them to play good defense. I think that might have ever been the loudest I've ever yelled ‘shoot.' I've yelled some other things pretty loud, but not that. Joe did a great job."

On Wisconsin's ability to create hustle opportunities:

"Sometimes it's out of necessity and [tonight] it was a necessity. We needed to hit some shots to change what they [Ohio State] were doing defensively. And by not doing that they were able to match pretty well on some things that we were doing. It just seemed like ‘okay, somebody's going to hit one here, hit one and get a little streak, they're going to have to do this in that zone, they're going to leave this open.' That's what it's always like when you play against teams, especially when they have a week to get ready. We just had to find some soft areas and we didn't do a very good job of that. So what we did was, by them being extended, we got on the offensive glass. You have to just find a way. It's that thing we were talking about before, if you're in a batting slump, bunt or have a better eye and walk more. It doesn't change; you just have to find some things to go to in order to give you a chance. And down on the defensive end, we don't take any wishes or hopes there, you just have to play hard. Fortunately, we got them to turn it over because they were shooting it so well. If we don't get them to turn it over, we have no chance."

On Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry stepping up after the six-game losing streak:

"I don't know anything about streaks. I don't know about winning, losing or tying. Just the next 40 minutes, that's all I know. You'd have to talk to them about what you just referred to, because I only approach it one way. They did a very good job tonight. Whether they're seniors, freshmen, red-shirts, they played well. They brought the energy and they gave us some really good things. But I wouldn't wait to be a senior to do that. I don't say to people that they have to do it as seniors. I've never put that kind of pressure on a young man. I want all the guys to perform at the highest level at all times."

On the team's defense against B.J. Mullens in the second half:

"It's probably because [Evan] Turner made so many shots and the other guys were scoring so much that maybe they weren't looking for [Mullens] as much. They were doing some other things offensively, look at their percentage. We didn't do anything different. We did not change our defensive technique. We just keep working at it, keep grinding it, try to limit the touches in the post. There's not anybody that finishes within two-feet better than him that we've seen, other than maybe [Connecticut's Hasheem] Thabeet."

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