Off to San Antonio...

Badger Nation editor Ronny Whitworth will be on the road Friday-Monday. You can join him at Pollyesthers on the River Walk for live Badger sports talk Friday afternoon and Saturday before the game.

Badger Nation editor Ronny Whitworth will be on the road early Friday morning through Monday night, and will not return to Madison until Tuesday morning.

Please note there will not be many updates on the site over the next few days, but we will have coverage of the bowl game live from San Antonio.

Here is the information once again, on how you can join the Badger Nation Party in San Antonio:

Here is the information on where the "Official Party of Badger Nation" will be held Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday.

Pollyesthers, a three-level club on the Riverwalk, is the place to be. Steve and Craig from 100X will be hosting their show along with myself from 4-7 CST right there at Pollyesthers. We will also be hanging out there Friday night, and broadcasting again before the game on Saturday.

This is my first trip to San Antonio, but the buzz is that you can't beat Pollyesthers to get your pregame party fix in, and I'm looking forward to meeting many of you out there! I hope you all can stop by during the show Friday afternoon, to talk about the game, get some predictions on the record, have a drink or two, and enjoy the sea of Cardinal and White.

Pollyesthers is located on south bank of the Riverwalk (walking distance to the hotels and the games) at 212 College Street, and you can call them with any questions at 210-220-1972.

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