Wisconsin Post Game - Michigan State

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan, seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry and junior Trevon Hughes address the media following the Badgers' 11-point loss to No.5 Michigan State, ending Wisconsin's five game losing streak.

Bo Ryan

Bo, the last 12 minutes of the game, I believe your team had only two baskets. What did they do defensively?

Life is about tempo and pace and a lot of things that we do. I thought, when they were making their run, what all teams are going to do, especially at home, you need to get a bucket in there. We missed some shots around the basket. It always seem like their easy when you are sitting there watching, but evidently they weren't as easy as they looked because they didn't go in. So, we didn't counter some of that action they were doing from getting to the rim. We started to help a little bit better inside and the two threes couldn't have come at a better time for them. Six points on two possessions really can stick a dagger in and especially if were not getting something at the other end. I thought we tried to make some great passes instead of some good passes and we didn't finish on the shots and they turned it up defensively.

In those final 10 minutes or so, what changed for you guys?

You can only hold the dam back so long. In Johnstown they could only keep it from collapsing for so long and eventually boom, once it did, it was devastating. Obviously a note being in athletics, once it broke, guys fed off that and it was … kind of reminds me of playing Muirfield (CC). After nine holes you get something to eat, a banana or something. There's fish that are down there for anybody that have ever played. You throw a piece of peanut or a banana peel in the water and you've never seen anything like it. Anybody here every play Muirfield? That looked like them going to the glass. That was it. Our guys tried, but we didn't have the answer.

Talk about the amount of subbing you did

Well, it's all part of the build up. Our guys subbed for each other pretty well. We got some guys in, got some good minutes around the media timeouts, but when it started, we just didn't answer very well. The best way to do that is to get something around your basket. Get something and quiet the crowd. People use that as a phrase. I don't worry about the sound. I worry about just getting something to make them have to get the ball out, get it up and not have to play off a miss, especially when a guy drives, falls down and he never gets followed or doesn't even get followed or get touched. And we don't finish on some of those shots? That gives them the advantage at the other end and that's how you get in trouble.

What goes through your mind when you look at the box score and you see Joe Krabbenhoft had zero rebounds?

Well, you know, sometimes you are opportunistic and get some, sometimes you get your hand on some without being credited for some and sometimes the other team does a pretty good job of blocking you out and not giving you those opportunities. Sometimes its due to the fact that, if he's matched up with a shooter, he's getting back and going to the glass. That not unusual for our three man playing teams like Michigan State for those who have seen what we do in transition defense.

Can you just talk about Keaton and what he did on Suton? I know you had Joe and Jon on him, too.

It's like last year. We had some seniors, fourth or fifth that got hurt, and Nankivil has to realize that Suton has been around. That matchup there when he's out on the floor, you always tell younger guys that this is what you want to be like. Keaton's effort was there. Jon Leuer same there. Next year, he'll come back bigger and stronger. His senior year, he'll come back bigger and stronger. But he is who is he right now and we just needed more physical presence inside and this year, it just wasn't there. Or this game, it just wasn't there.

Joe Krabbenhoft

On what happened in the final 12 minutes: "It was simple: They executed, we didn't. They hit the shots when they needed them. They only hit two 3s, but those 3s were devastating. You've just got to give credit to them, and I'm disappointed in the performance in the last, whatever, 12 minutes. … It felt like we were in control almost the whole game and then let it slip away. And give credit to the other team."

"Their will outlasted ours there at the end. … Just out-toughed us there at the end, and that's what hurts."

On how disappointed he was in his own performance: "I don't really talk about myself personally. Very."

"As it always does, it's key to winning games, offensive rebounds. Today, that's the case. They get offensive rebounds, they get three-point plays, they get an extra 35 seconds on the shot clock. All that goes into them winning this game."

"Shots didn't go. We have everything in place to win this game. We just didn't do it."

Marcus Landry

"You just have to have it in you to come out with the rebound."

"I think we were executing pretty well on our end of the court until we kind of fell behind. … They're a pretty aggressive team to begin with. It seemed like their aggressiveness stayed the same and just as they kept being aggressive, they got some offensive rebounds and it really hurt us."

"In certain times, there was some good shots, some open shots that just wouldn't fall for us. But sometimes that's a part of the game and you've got to find another way to get it done."

Trevon Hughes

On offense down the stretch: "That's the way the game goes sometimes. They put on a little bit more pressure and we just couldn't hit them, knock them down."

"I take full responsibility because I'm the point guard, so I'm supposed to make sure I run the team. And we had that much of a lead, we're supposed to stay in control, and it slipped. ... I should have put the guys on my back and managed the game."

On Michigan State: "They deserve credit, because they never gave up. They fought back. Each possession they fed the post, and they got something, and they was getting second opportunities, and that's what hurt us."

"They got it into the post. That's the teeth of our defense, and we're all trying to help when they're getting in the post, and they just did a good job of feeding their big guys, and they got something out of it."

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