Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry along with junior Trevon Hughes address the media following the Badgers' 18th win of the season

Wisconsin post game -

partial transcript

Joe Krabbenhoft

On the last two defensive plays: "We were just trying to give them nothing easy. Michigan was saying, ‘We don't need to force the three,' so we knew they were going to attack, so guys had to be ready to help and recover real quick. Marcus (Landry) is long and athletic so he jumped out and blocked one of them, and the other one we just tried to get a hand in the face. I thought we did a really good job of forcing the tough situations."

On forcing the shot clock violation: "That was a huge possession defensively for us. They were coming down and being patient. They didn't want to rush anything, but they knew they were down two and, with a bucket, anything could happen. Still, anything could have happened, but when it got down there toward the end, the guards did a really great job switching off and keeping a hand in the face. When they got to the shooter—Marcus, I think, was on him—he just got big, and the guy had to think about it. He can't just shoot over a guy with stretched-out arms. It was a team effort. All five guys out there did a tremendous job."

Trevon Hughes

On the shift in offensive approach in regards to man-on-man versus zone defense: "Basically we just wanted to run a swing but they were switching. We were trying to get a small up-and-big to go into the post, but every time Marcus got to the post they tried to double-team, but Marcus did a good job kicking it out, making the extra pass."

Marcus Landry

On Michigan's intensity in the first half: "We kind of got away from what we were doing in the first few minutes of the game. We gave some turnovers, we didn't score on a few possessions, and they did score, so that gave them the lead going into halftime. They were kind of straining for threes toward the end of the game, but they were aggressive and executed off of our bad decisions. That's what gave them the lead going into halftime."

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