Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after the Badgers pad their resume with a 60-55 win over Michigan Sunday afternoon, moving UW into a fourth-place tie in the Big Ten.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On Wisconsin's second half defense:

"It's always a 40-minute game. It isn't that we changed anything. We did some things on the ball-screens - tried to do them a little better - sticking to our roles, making the reads. Once we did that, it gave us that run in the beginning of the second half. [Michigan] had one [run] left in them. I'm glad it was one and not two because if they had another one, the outcome wouldn't have been the same. We got back to continuing what we do and just tried to do it better."

On exploiting Wisconsin's size advantage:

"That kind of stuff is overrated. Against their zone, we got some high-low looks, which is pretty evident if you know the difference, for those that could recognize when they were in man-to-man or when they were in zone. I think that ended up being something offensively where we got a lot of points on our possessions against that zone when we did the high-low stuff and touched the post. Sometimes it looked like [Jon Leuer] was matched up with [Zack Novak]. Several times against their zone we got some pretty good looks."

On Wisconsin's 34 points in the paint:

"It's not just the big guys that get [points] in there. You can score in the paint and be 4-foot-11, so we'll take it from anybody. We should've had more. When we break the tape down, there'll be some opportunities that got away from us by not finishing. We'll take what ends up being on the stat sheet, but you can always get more."

On Wisconsin's passing:

"I was pleased with the opportunities that we got as a result of pin-point passing, because it led directly to a basket or a foul."

On Michigan's intensity being due to trying to build their NCAA resume:

"John [Beilein] is a good coach, a good motivator, and if he has to use the NCAA tournament [to motivate his players], I'd be really discouraged. You think they played hard or played well simply because of that, I just don't think people understand athletes or teams. You should be out here every possession giving everything you have at all times. You'd have to ask [John]. I can only coach one team. I think his guys played hard all the time."

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