A Plethora of Decisions to Make

Not only does Charlotte linebacker Ty Linton have to sort through a variety of schools, but the weakside linebacker has to decide if football is going to be his only sport at the next level.

MADISON - To be or not to be a two sport athlete? That is the question for Linton.

Coming off of a state championship and an all-state year, junior linebacker Ty Linton has been getting offers left and right from several different schools, all offering different outlooks for him at the college level. Linton brought in big number in football this previous season, including 100 tackles and 9 sacks.

Football is not the only sport he's being scouted for. During the off-season he's been an important factor for his high school baseball team. This has kept him in shape and possibly opened more choices for schools that would like to acquire him.

"Playing baseball has kept me occupied during the off-season," Linton said. "During the spring I'm going to try and get in to playing some spring football games."

Right now for Linton, three schools have moved out in front for serious consideration. Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Clemson all have unique qualities that he likes and could seem himself there in the future.

"West Virginia has a great football tradition and their defense fits my style," Linton explained. "Wisconsin just has an all around great atmosphere, and Clemson is close to home and they have given me the option to play baseball or football or both."

Linton will be visiting Clemson and South Carolina soon but then will be taking a hiatus from visits until spring games begin.

Originally from the Midwest and then moving to attend a school on the East Coast, Linton doesn't have a preference for either region, but just wants to play at a good program and he will be happy.

Linton has been busy with all of the offers he's been getting but he knows when the final decision will be made.

"I'm thinking by the end of this summer before my senior season," he said. "I have a few offers coming in but I'm gearing them down but nothing is set in stone."

The biggest dilemma Linton has is accepting a school that wants him for just one sport sport or the school that wants him as a two-sport athlete. Either way Linton is a special type of athlete that any school would be honored to have.

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