Wisconsin Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media after the Badgers wrap up fourth place in the conference by beating Indiana 85-61 Sunday evening, winning 19 games for the eighth straight season under Ryan.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan -

partial transcript

On the team's overall performance tonight:

"Well, just hanging in there. In the second half there was a lot of action resulting in fouls. A lot of free-throws taken, but we stayed true to our task. We tried to take care of the ball and get good shots. On defense we tried to cut down on their looks and tried to get them to turn it over, just like we do every game. You know, it was senior night and things were kind of coming to a close that way. I know Marcus, Kevin, Joe, Morris, their teammates made sure for them we finished on a positive note and I think they did that."

On the senior's performance tonight:

"It's what you've been doing for how many years, how many minutes, how many practices, how many games, how many AAU tournaments, how many high school games and state tournaments. As you close everything else out and just put us on the court and let us play, then you play. Everything just comes naturally. I'm not saying it's always good, but the action comes naturally. I thought they handled their minutes well. They were very proud to have a Wisconsin uniform on and to wrap up their career at home, be a part of what they accomplished, be a part of what's transpired here over their four years. It's pretty neat stuff. I know a lot of people would love to be in their shoes."

On the team's past success in the Big Ten Tournament:

"I think our guys have stayed hungry. We can't win the regular season anymore. That one is over. You have got to play hard and smart for three maybe four days. For us it's been three because we've been able to avoid the first day's action since we've been here so we've been fortunate that way in that we took care of business in the regular season, most likely avoided that this year. Sometimes people say, ‘Hey, we don't mind playing that first day because we get used to the facility. We get the jitters out and get ready to play.' But it is what it is. We don't get to play the first day because we've played ourselves into the fourth seed. It's good for our guys. The fact that we've been successful, the players have committed to that and they took care of the basketball in those games. Even in the championship games where we took the bumps. We lose to an Ohio State team that wasn't bad in '07 and to the Illinois team in '05, I thought they were pretty good. So I thought our guys made a good accounting of themselves."

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