Wisconsin Post Game - Badger Players

Wisconsin seniors Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry along with junior Jason Bohannon address the media after the Badgers dominate on Senior Day, earning a 85-61 victory over Indiana.

Wisconsin basketball post game -

partial transcript

Joe Krabbenhoft

On preparing for his last home game: "When you're a senior, you've obviously been through it before for four, maybe five, years. You just learn how guys handle it. The guys before me kind of laid the blocks down and we just followed. We just did what they did before us and you get your teammates ready, they fall in line, and you play like it's any other game. That's really the way we treated it. We knew in the back of our minds that we wanted to come off the floor in the right way, but we knew Indiana is a feisty ball club and they were going to play out until the end and they did. I thought everyone did a really good job tonight."

Marcus Landry

On his college graduation: "Academic-wise, having that piece of paper is the thing that you can fall back on. You see it all the time—guys get hurt, especially older ones—but having that piece of paper and something to fall back on, getting a good job, anything. That's something I'm really going to take out of this and it means a lot to me."

Jason Bohannon

On UW's offensive play: "That is something we have been working on a lot in the last week or so. In the games we have lost, we didn't block well and we didn't cut well. The last couple days of practice, Coach tried to hit that home on trying to get us to move well, cutting all the way to the basket and trying to find the open guys. Looking at the assists, it says a lot. Marcus had six assists tonight. He did a great job of kicking it out of the post when he was double-teamed. We're a dangerous team when we are able to do that."

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