Pushing to the Limit

One of the few positions to return every playmaker from a season ago, wide receiver coach DelVaughn Alexander, while pleased to a degree, is not satisfied, pushing his unit to be consistent, tough and playmakers for the Badgers in 2009.

Badger Nation: I assume with the way your squad made strides at the end of last season that you are anxious to get started working with this unit again?

DelVaughn Alexander: Yes very. Very excited. We've got a lot of growing to do and I am looking forward to getting that done.

Badger Nation: For you personally, Coach Henry Mason is going to be back around the program. What does it mean to you to have his influence around?

DA: There's a ton of wisdom. He's been around the program for the last couple of seasons. It just means a lot to me. We've sat down and we continue to talk and it's just a matter of, ‘Hey, you have more years invested into this than I do. I may be stubborn, but I am not stupid. If you've got anything or any information that you can volunteer, I am all ears.'

Badger Nation: Is it exciting for the players to get back out there and start competing again after a tough finish?

DA: It is! You go into the first practice and there will be a lot of those guys that are excited about being able to do what they came here to do. You can talk about it as much as you want, watch as much film as you want or lift as much as you want, but until you have that chance to go outside and start running around, that's when the excitement comes.

Badger Nation: How fun is it for you in your position as wide receiver coach to have all the guys that contributed last year come back and battle it out?

DA: Well, it's exciting because it's all about competition. Each guy has to go after each other and it's about respecting each other. At the same time, they have to be selfish enough to want to be on the field the entire game. It's about finding your players, who is going to be productive for you in the fall and putting a team together. It's about understanding the responsibilities of each individual.

Badger Nation: Is consistency the biggest part of spring ball?

DA: It's huge. It's important as a coach. It's important as a player. I've got to be consistent in what I am asking them to do and how I am teaching it and approaching it and my teaching methods. They have to be consistent as far in being productive, being right in their assignments and alignments and not getting us beat before we even snap the ball.

Badger Nation: Are there any guys that you are ready to see or a guy that intrigues you as to how good he can be?

DA: There's been a lot of talk about Nick (Toon) and what he did a year ago. As a coach, I know there wasn't a lot of opportunities a year ago for Nick. I think giving a lot more opportunities, he can do a lot more. It will be interesting to see him become a more confident player knowing the offense better than he knew it a year ago and just going full speed and making plays.

Also, T.J. Williams will get a lot of opportunities so that we can find out exactly who he is and he can start to show his own identity.

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