Q&A with Julian Riley

Julian Riley names his top five in an exclusive Q&A with Badger Nation conducted on Friday morning.

Are you still planning on taking a few more visits?

Riley: Yeah, I have Pittsburgh (Jan. 10) and Boston College (Jan. 17) and I'm going to Florida on an unofficial visit. I'm not sure when I'm going on that one. That might be earlier.

Would you consider yourself wide-open right now? Or do you have certain favorites?

Riley: Oh, no no. I've narrowed it down now. Right now Wisconsin is No. 1, BC is No. 2, Ohio State is No. 3, Wake Forest is No. 4 and Florida is No. 5. I mean, those are in no particular order, but those are my top five. And Pittsburgh is next or whatever, but I will see how it is when I go up there.

You must have had a really great time on your visit to Wisconsin.

Riley: Ohhh yeah. Wisconsin was great.

Were you expecting to have that much of a good time, or was it a surprise?

Riley: I was surprised, because I thought it was going to be boring. I thought it was going to be nothing but green hills and ice cold and snow flurries and everything like that. Nothing but just football, and no girls or anything. I was completely overwhelmed.

What types of things did you do that you enjoyed on your visit? It sounds like you got to hang out with the players a lot.

Riley: Yeah, I hung out with a lot of the guys.

Did you feel comfortable and get along with all of them?

Riley: Oh yeah. They were just like, `Oh yeah (Julian), you've got to come up dawg. You're already a part (of the team) man.' They were cool man.

Who did you hang out with the most on the visit?

Riley: Jason Jefferson hosted me and on the second day it was Jonathan Clinkscale. Then I was hanging out with Darius Jones and I was hanging out with Jonathan Welsh and basically all of the d-linemen. It was cool. All of them were really cool man. I was chilling with Anthony Davis a couple of times and I was chilling with Jimmy Leonhard. I was chilling with everybody. It was just like, we were all together like the whole time, everybody. It was all cool. We were all in the club together and everything like that. It was cool.

Darius Jones is kind of a different cat, isn't he?

Riley: Ohh yeah. Darius is crazy man. He's a pimp. Darius is crazy. He's just the life of the party in every aspect. He's just crazy.

Do you plan on taking all of your visits before making your decision?

Riley: Yeah, I plan on taking all of them.

What does your family think about your decision right now? Have they given you any advice on where you should go?

Riley: All the time. All the time. They really like Wisconsin. They like Wisconsin, BC and Wake Forest right now a lot. They really like those schools, but they are open and they let me know.

When you were at Wisconsin, did they give you a better idea of how they would use you if you committed?

Riley: Yes. Even before I met with the coaches, they were telling me that if you can play, their coach rotates so much on defensive line, they said a lot of freshmen got playing time this year, and they said you can get a lot of snaps in the game if you are good enough. The coach said I would probably get some playing time at defensive end if I come in there, if I work hard and get a spot.

Did you check out the Alamo Bowl?

Riley: Oh yeah. That was crazy. It came down to the last wire.

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