Focused on One

Thrust into the backup role after the Badgers lost two quarterbacks over the winter, junior Scott Tolzien, knee deep in another quarterback competition, finds himself at the front of the list in competing for playing time. While he has three other competitors, the only person he is concerned with right now is himself.

Badger Nation: How excited were you for spring to get here?

Scott Tolzien: Yeah. It's been a real quick winter. The season felt like the bowl game was just yesterday. At the same time, it has been seven weeks, so it's time to get back into it. I had a good spring break and I knew when I got back that it was time to get back to work.

Badger Nation: Is it a different pressure for these practices when you haven't played?

ST: It used to be a lot more pressure when I first got here. I realized that it's nothing different than high school. You just have to put your time in the film room and study the playbook. Once you get out here, you just have to go out and play and have fun. That's the one thing that I learned.

Badger Nation: Is this a time when you learn who the leaders are because of the seniors being gone?

ST: For sure. Anytime you are in the weight room you've got to have leaders. Anytime you are on the field you have to have leaders. In the winter lifting sessions, we had some leaders step up by example and some that speak up. It's the same on the practice see, seeing who is going to make plays and who is going to lead. Anytime you get on the field, it's a chance.

Badger Nation: A lot is being made about the quarterback battle once again and you are starting as the back up. Is the battle something you are getting used to since you involved in it every year?

ST: Every year since I got here it's seemed like there has been a battle. My first year, John Stocco was the guy but ever since then, it has been a competition and there is nothing wrong with that. It pushed everyone to compete at their highest level.

Badger Nation: Dustin has got the game experience out of the bunch. What do you have to do to get ahead of Sherer in that race?

ST: I've just got to play my best everyday. I know that I can do it. I've just got to be more consistent and try not to make so much of the competition. I need to look at it as a personal battle and let things fall into place.

Badger Nation: Do the four quarterbacks view this as a competition where you are still learning things from each other?

ST: We all know it's a competition. We are all competitive guys. We all want to be the starter, but at the same time I am going to help out Dustin. I am not going to turn my back if he needs help. Dustin would do the same for me. We just have to go out each day and play our best, push each other to be the best, and we'll be the best team.

Badger Nation: What's the biggest thing you want to work on for yourself during these practices?

ST: I'd say just being more consistent and recognizing defenses better. I just want to try to establish myself as a better quarterbacks and a better leader.

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