Wearing the Bulls Eye

Finishing the season with 1,389 passing yards), a completion percentage of 54.5 percent and had a quarterback rating of over 130.0 in four of UW's final six games, fifth-year senior Dustin Sherer settled into a groove as the 2008 season went on. If he wants to start game one under center, Sherer knows a polish, consistent game will get the job done.

Badger Nation: How exciting are you to get back out on the field and get working again?

Dustin Sherer: A lot. I just want to start getting the taste out of my mouth from the Florida State game. That game really drove us in the offseason. Everybody is excited about this opportunity and just coming out to play football. I am excited for it and watch ourselves get better.

Badger Nation: What's the biggest thing as a team you guys get out of spring football?

DS: I think it's polishing up things. I think a lot of guys get a lot of reps because you don't have to worry about, coaching wise, playing your starters to get ready for a game. You get guys a lot of reps and see what younger guys can do. The more reps younger guys get make us all better.

Badger Nation: Are you starting to get used to the whole quarterback battle? It seems like every year that you have been apart of a heated one?

DS: I am five years into it and it's all right. Competition brings the best out of everybody. You really can't worry about it though. You just got to go out there and play and not look over your shoulder.

Badger Nation: You have the experience leg up on everybody, but is there something that you are really trying to work on during these 15 practices/

DS: Just being consistent. I think that's the theme from everybody. I just want to do the right thing every play instead of every other play. That's something I need to work on, but it comes with being good, too. I think that I have worked hard this offseason, spent my spring break down in Florida throwing footballs and I think that's going to help.

Badger Nation: When you hear the word competition, is that something that drives you or a fun thing to think about to motivate you?

DS: When people are thinking competition, they are forgetting that we are all good friends. It's not like we are out here, ‘Oh, we don't like that guy.' You just go out and try to do your best individually and not try to hurt the other guy or watch the other guys. I think that I caught myself watching what Allan (Evridge) was doing last year when we were competing and that killed me. That put too much pressure on my shoulders and I did not play well. I learned from that and knew that I just had to go out, do my own thing individually and make myself better, which would make everybody else better.

Badger Nation: With P.J. Hill gone, can John Clay be that guy?

DS: He's excited to be … or at least he better be. John's a great running back and I think he's excited. He got a lot of carries last year and I think a lot of us are anxious to see what he can do. Having him in the backfield is something that is good to have and that's Wisconsin football.

Badger Nation: There's a big group of wide receivers to get familiar with. Is that going along nicely, developing chemistry with those guys?

DS: Absolutely, and a lot of those guys got a lot of time last year, so I've have had some reps with them. I think that's going to help us a lot. They have done a good job. I think them just being consistent is going to help us quarterbacks big time. I think we can take this spring and get better everyday with that.

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