Chryst Gives Mid-Camp Report

Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst knows that Badgers need to get better and be more consistent at every position, including quarterback. For that reason alone, Chryst said the quarterback battle is down to four, as he wants to see much more of UW's signal callers before making a decision.

Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst -

Additional Transcript (taken from Chryst's previous media session)

Badger Nation: Have you named a starter yet?

Paul Chryst: Yeah, didn't you hear that? It's coming in a blog.

Badger Nation: You've talked previously in the spring about letting your quarterbacks throw and maybe not worrying about the depth chart. Does that approach stay the same or does everything change this year?

PC: Well, the quote stays the same. I don't know if I believe it or not (laughing). I mean, I think they do. Talking to them, you would really like to name your starter when it happens. Anytime that it doesn't and it goes on long, it's generally not a good thing. If you can't find your quarterback, that's not a good thing and we've lived that. So, I do still believe that they have to improve. Each guy has an opportunity this spring to improve and I think in the end, they'll play themselves into it or play themselves out of it. I really think they compete against themselves more than others. So, we'll have to see what happens.

BN: How much do you change the reps this year? You talked on signing day about giving Jon some reps right away.

PC: The first day we split it up pretty even. I think that gives you two things. One, guys can kind of work there way, they have been throwing at all that, but they can work there way into the mix and not throw their arm out. Then two, like for Jon, he just needs to dive into it and learn on the run. Your oldest guy Dustin, he needs to get back into it to. At the beginning, you can afford to have pretty equal reps and I think eventually, there comes a time where you have to start honing in and some guys will get more reps and some guys will lose reps.

At this point, every quarterback has worked with the ones and the twos.

BN: It's still early, but what's your take on Jon Budmayr? He looks pretty comfortable?

PC: Yeah, I guess my take is that he's done a good job and put himself in position where he can go out and actually practice. That part has been pleasing.

BN: Have you seen a difference in the way Curt and Dustin are throwing since they went down to Florida for that quarterback camp? Do they look any different than they did in bowl prep?

PC: No. I think at this point, it is hard to change who you are and how you throw. It just gives them a chance to lock in on some fundamentals that are important to them. It wasn't my idea. They just wanted to go to Florida for spring and have their parents pay for it. Curt and Dustin worked with them and like them a lot, so I was all for it. It wasn't something I set up.

BN: Are you planning on naming a starter by the end of spring?

PC: I think if it presents itself we will. Right now, we're just going out and guys know what is at stake. Bottom line is that we've got to get better. Each guy needs to improve, but I think we're accomplishing that right now. They've done some good things, but not to the point where we won't come out for practice the next day. Guys have had some good moments where I have been pleased and some moments where they can't do what they did. I like the way they are approaching it.

BN: Is there any position that you are pretty comfortable with?

PC: Not really. I think if guys can stay healthy, I like our tight end position. If you think about it, we really didn't have Travis last year, so we got them all back. I am anxious to see how our depth builds in the offensive line. Running backs, we know about John, we know about Zach and we know about the receivers, but they've all got to play better. There's not a lot of possessions I feel really good about, but I like the groups that are in them and I think you can come out of it feeling pretty good.

BN: Is knowing the capability of certain players, like knowing what John and Garrett can give, good for you?

PC: Yeah those guys and Nick (Toon). I think Nick is going to continue to improve. I hope that my picture of Nick changes by the end of spring ball from what it is today. I am very excited about him. I think the one you know the most about is the tight end position. Other than that, you know parts of the offensive line, but that's what spring is for. It's a fresh start and that's the fun part about it.

BN: What is your picture of Nick right now?

PC: I think he's a big receiver. When he plays with confidence he can be pretty good. He's got good hands. I think he's running well. I think a young guy won't play as fast as I guy that feels settled in. I think last year gave him some confidence and I think with that, he's able to cut it loose a little more. I am excited for where he could end up.

BN: Have you seen Kyle Jefferson's confidence rebound after a tough year? He mentioned that he spent a lot of time talking to you about different things.

PC: I think he is working through it. For all these guys, you can say you have seen a change if they have done it for a long period of time. Kyle has had some good days, but now he has to put it together. I like the way he is going about it and working, but it's too early to crown him a new guy yet.

BN: He had so much early success. Can that be a bad thing because you can think that you have the world by your finger tips?

PC: I think it's how guys handle it or where they are at maturity wise or different things that create that. Early success is good because you can build on that. But if you think it comes too easy, then I think it isn't necessary the best thing. You can make the argument that he falls into both and there are reasons for it. Really, it doesn't matter unless to learn from it or take from it and go forward.

BN: What about the role of David Gilreath? What are you looking for from him to keep improving on?

PC: I think David is a guy that needs to be dynamic. He did a good job in the run game with the little stuff we were doing and he's just got to be a consistent receiver. We can't put the ball on the ground the number of times. We struggled at quarterback and the times we did get it to him, we got to make sure we hold onto it and do some stuff after the catch. I like the guy. We just got to be better overall.

BN: Has anyone really popped at you of somebody that you think can really help you in the fall?

PC: There are guys that are flash and the key is to do it constantly. It's still too early, but there are guys that are doing some good things.

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