Wisconsin Scrimmage Rundown

With the spring game fast approaching, marking the end of the 2009 spring football season, the members of the Wisconsin Badgers look to shore up some things before Camp Randall opens its doors. Badger Nation was there on Saturday and looks at who made an impact during the 132-snap scrimmage.

Play-by-play: a listing of all 132 snaps from Saturday's scrimmage

Series are separated into paragraphs. Yardage totals are estimates. Running plays are in normal font, passing plays are italicized, and penalties are underlined. Defensive players are listed (in parentheses). And finally, scoring plays are bolded.

Drive Number One

John Clay middle, 1 yard (Jay Valai, big hit right at the line of scrimmage)

David Gilreath left, 12 yard reverse (Valai pushes out of bounds)

Dustin Sherer rolls right, tagged down for no gain (Culmer St. Jean)

Sherer shotgun, tagged down in backfield (O'Brien Schofield)

Sherer short middle left, intercepted looking for Gilreath (Valai, jumping catch)

Drive Number Two

Erik Smith left, 3 yards (David Gilbert)

Scott Tolzien short right, complete to Nick Toon 4 yard (Matthew Groff)

E. Smith middle, 3 yards (Dan Moore)

Tolzien playaction, incomplete through hands of Kyle Jefferson (Devin Smith)

E. Smith middle, 3 yards (Leonard Hubbard)

Tolzien middle right, nearly intercepted looking for T.J. Williams (Antonio Fenelus)

Drive Number Three

Curt Phillips shotgun, false start Gabe Carimi

Phillips shotgun, playaction, rolls right and play whistled dead (Jeff Stehle in backfield)

Phillips shotgun, option middle, 10 yards before tagged down (Shane Carter)

Phillips shotgun, fumble forced (Brendan Kelly), play whistled dead

Drive Number Four

Jon Budmayr fumbles snap from Jake Current, recovered by defense (Tony Megna)

Budmayr fumble forced (Anthony Mains) in backfield; Budmayr recovers but play whistled dead

Budmayr tagged down in backfield (J.J. Watt)

Budmayr throw deep right, wobbly and way off target of Toon

Drive Number Five

Sherer middle left, incomplete low intended for Gilreath

Clay middle, 3 yards (Jae McFadden with help)

Sherer deep left, complete to Toon (Aaron Henry) for 30 yards *should have been offensive pass interference on Toon, but wasn't called

Clay left, out of bounds for no gain

Sherer short right, caught by Gilreath 5 yards, runs out of bounds

Sherer rolls left, tagged down for 6 yard loss (Jeff Stehle)

Philip Welch 37-yard field goal is good, south end zone

Drive Number Six

E. Smith middle, 2 yards (Dan Cascone)

Phillips playaction right, dropped by Jefferson

Phillips middle left, dropped by Toon – nice blitz pickup block by E. Smith

Phillips middle right, broken up intended for Elijah Theus (Carter)

Phillips middle left, avoids blitz and complete to Toon (D. Smith)

E. Smith middle left, 4 yards (Gilbert)

E. Smith middle, 1 yard (Groff)

Phillips short middle, a little low and incomplete to Lance Kendricks

Drive Number Seven

Zach Brown right, 2 yards (McFadden)

Brown middle, 4 yards (McFadden, Aubrey Pleasant)

Sherer deep right, incomplete over Toon (Niles Brinkley)

E. Smith middle, 9 yards (Chris Maragos)

E. Smith middle, 7 yards (Brinkley)

Drive Number Eight

E. Smith middle right, 2 yards (Carter with help)

Phillips bootleg, 20 yards before play whistled dead (William Hartmann)

E. Smith left, 3 yards (Hubbard pushes out of bounds)

E. Smith middle, no gain (Mains hit in backfield)

Drive Number Nine

Tolzien catches low snap, middle left, complete to Kendricks 8 yards

Tolzien short right, incomplete, too low to Toon (Otis Merrill)

Tolzien short middle, complete to Kendricks (Maragos)

Tolzien quickly sacked from behind, tagged down in backfield (Kevin Rouse)

Welch 41 yard field goal is good

Drive Number 10

(Red zone drive) Clay right, 2 yards

Sherer deep middle, incomplete intended for Lance Kendricks

Sherer 23 yard TOUCHDOWN pass middle to Garrett Graham (Welch PAT)

Drive Number 11

(Red zone drive) E. Smith middle, 8 yards

Phillips rolls right, incomplete to Kendricks

E. Smith up the gut, untouched 8 yard TOUCHDOWN (Pat Hughes PAT)

Drive Number 12

Sherer short right, complete to Isaac Anderson 12 yards (St. Jean)

Brown middle, 2 yards (group tackle)

Brown pitch left, 3 yards (Brinkley)

Sherer deep left, incomplete to Toon (Henry) Defensive pass interference (Henry), 15 yards – Kerry Cooks is not happy

Sherer middle right, complete to Anderson 10 yards (pushed out by Brinkley)

False start, Anderson

Brown plunge, 3 yards (Blake Sorensen)

Sherer quick short left, complete to Gilreath 3 yards (McFadden)

Sherer deep middle, broken up intended for Anderson (Brinkley)

Drive Number 13

E. Smith middle, 4 yards (Rouse)

E. Smith middle, 5 yards (Hubbard)

Phillips fake to E. Smith, bootlege left, 90 yard TOUCHDOWN run (Welch PAT) – Mickey Turner leads him all the way, no defender within 10 yards of him

Drive Number 14

Clay right, 4 yards (St. Jean)

Clay left, 20 yards behind lead blocker Anderson (tripped up by Henry)

Clay right, no gain (St. Jean)

Tolzien deep right, complete to Graham 30 yards (Brinkley)

Clay left, 2 yards (Stehle)

Clay middle, 1 yard TOUCHDOWN run (though defense thought he fumbled) (Hughes PAT)

Drive Number 15

Phillips option middle, 4 yards, play whistled dead

Phillips scramble middle, 2 yards, play whistled dead

Phillips right to Jefferson – holding on offensive line

Phillips sacked (Jordan Kohout)

Phillips flushed out left out of bounds (Gilbert, Kohout)

Phillips deep left, incomplete to Toon (D. Smith)

Drive Number 16

False start, Jake Bscherer

Brown middle, 3 yards (Sorensen)

Gilreath middle left, 1 yard reverse (McFadden)

Sherer middle right, nice grab by Toon 10 yards (Brinkley, McFadden)

Brown middle, 4 yards (group tackle)

False start

Sherer short middle, complete to Brown 7 yards(Sorensen, McFadden)

Sherer short middle, beats blitz, complete to Kendricks 45 yards (Pleasant)

Brown middle, 4 yards (St. Jean)

Brown middle, 2 yards (group tackle)

Sherer roll left bootleg, 17 yard TOUCHDOWN run (Welch PAT)

Drive Number 17

Tolzien sacked (Jordan Hein)

E. Smith middle, 4 yards (Hubbard)

Tolzien deep right, complete to Toon (Fenelus) *again, Toon could've been called for offensive pass interference

E. Smith middle, 4 yards (group tackle)

Tolzien deep right, 30 yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Toon (Hughes PAT)

Drive Number 18

Gilreath reverse right, 2 yards, runs out of bounds

Clay middle, 2 yards (McFadden)

Sherer hurried, dumb pass throwaway nearly intercepted (St. Jean)

Clay middle, 4 yards (Schofield)

Sherer middle right, caught by Gilreath diving out of bounds

Sherer middle left, over Gilreath (Henry)

Sherer deep middle, tipped and through hands of Anderson

Sherer deep middle, diving catch by Kendricks 16 yards

Clay middle, 20 yards (Brinkley) breaking tackles

Clay plunge, 2 yards (group tackle)

Sherer playaction, tagged down in backfield (Schofield)

Sherer short left, complete to Clay 6 yards, pummeled (McFadden) on catch

Welch 27 yard FG is good

Drive Number 19

Phillips short left, complete to Theus 5 yards (Carter)

Smith left 10 yards, tripped up (Groff)

Smith right 15 yards, pushed out of bounds

Phillips pushed right, throws away (Kelly)

E. Smith left, 2 yards (Groff) holding on offensive line

Phillips deep left, complete to Theus 25 yards

E. Smith middle 2 yards (Mains)

E. Smith right (Groff)

Phillips short left, complete to Theus 8 yards, big hit ( Fenelus), Theus gets up slowly

Phillips rolls right, 17 yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Williams (Hughes PAT)

Drive Number 20

Dex Jones left, 3 yards (Kohout)

Jones left, 4 yards (group tackle)

Jones middle, 4 yards (Rouse)

Phillips incomplete short right

Phillips deep middle, complete to Nate Emanuel, FUMBLE forced (Shelton  Johnson) and recovered (Hartmann)

Drive Number 21

Phillips deep right, Jefferson 12 yards (Marcus Cromartie)

Phillips drops snap, deep middle, ball hits Richard Kirtley in chest and dropped

Phillips deep left, complete to Kirtley 18 yards (Andrew Lukasko)

Phillips middle right, intercepted (Merrill) who's dragged back by Williams

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