Bud-ding Prodigy

Choosing to graduate early and enroll at Wisconsin early so that he could participate in spring football, freshman quarterback Jon Budmayr, without question, made the right decision, as his throws and composure under pressure shows plenty of promise on the horizon.

Badger Nation: Those first few practices, did you feel like you had been thrown into the fire or were you able to tread water those first few days?

Jon Budmayr: It's been all right. Obviously it's been all new stuff at a different level, so I am trying to get use to that and get comfortable with it. But I am trying to learn with each rep and it's been pretty fun so far.

Badger Nation: Has Coach Chryst been spoon feeding you the offense instead of throwing everything at you at once? How has he introduced you to different aspects of the offense?

JB: Yeah, we try to install a little bit each day. Through the meetings, we go over what we are going to install the next day. It hasn't been a ton, but it's been enough to keep you thinking. You really have to look it over in order to get comfortable with it. It's been a good amount so far.

Badger Nation: When you are out there running the offense, is there any player that really pops at you as someone you have watched on your visits that you are impressed with?

JB: Um … I don't know. Physically, they are all different from what I am coming from in high school. In our conference, you really don't see that. I got to be around it pretty much during the season and coming up for spring practices last season I got to see it. It's not really different. The biggest part is being in there with them and being in the mix. Taking a drop and having those big linemen is probably the biggest difference for me.

Badger Nation: After a year away after missing your senior season, it is just fun to get back out there and playing football instead of standing on the sidelines you're your arm in a sling?

JB: Oh yeah. It sure is. That's one thing I told myself during the injury was never take it for granted. Just to be out here on the field playing football is what I love. Getting the pads back on for the first time since I got hurt was a great feeling. It's been a lot of fun so far.

Badger Nation: Every player goes through hiccups, but you seem real composed out there. Your throws are tight, your reads are pretty good with the out routes and the check downs. Do you feel that you are ahead of the game or where you should be at this point?

JB: The biggest thing the coaches have told me and I've told myself is to keep learning with each rep. I am happy with where I have been, but I can obviously still get better. I just have to develop into where I know what each guy is doing on each route and know why I threw it to this guy instead of because he was open. Little things like that I have to pick up on and get better at. Otherwise it's been good.

Badger Nation: What's the biggest thing you learn after one route and you go back and talk to Coach Chryst?

JB: Probably the fact that there is more than that one route I threw to in the pattern. That's it. One play we ran earlier and I threw the out route, Coach Chryst wants me to learn what the other options are. I learn something from taking that extra rep and being able to see it and throw it. The biggest thing is seeing the wide picture and not focusing in on one thing.

Badger Nation: Dustin, Scott and Curt are three different players that play the position a different way. Can you talk about what each of those guys have told you or taught you about the position?

JB: They've been great. A lot of it is footwork and helping me out with that. The footwork is different than what I was coming from in high school. I might have a question on a play and forget what one receiver is doing and they will help me out with that. They've been really helpful.

Badger Nation: Has there been any talk of what your role is going to be in the fall? Has that bridge even close to be remotely crossed?

JB: Not yet. I am just focused on coming out and learning something new each day. I've talked to Curt about it, but there's no decision of what I am going to do.

Badger Nation: Do you care what you do? Any inclination of what you would want to do next season?

JB: Not really. All I doing is coming out this spring and trying to learn and get a better grasp on Coach Chryst's offense and getting more comfortable playing college football. That's what my focus is and that's what I come out each do and do.

Badger Nation: Why is Coach Chryst's offense so tricky for some people? Some people can pick it up right away and some people struggle with it. What's the thing that can make it challenging?

JB: I am not sure what the biggest thing is. I know once you can pick up on the base of it, then it's just adding on to it. If you get lost in the early part of it, then you are going to be lost throughout the whole way. That's one of the biggest things he stresses when he was first teaching me the offense. It's really seeing it and picking up on what the base offense is.

Badger Nation: It's still real early, but do you feel that graduating early and getting the jump start was the right decision for you?

JB: Oh yeah, definitely. This is great being out here being able to throw. If I wasn't here, I would be a home doing workouts. I think the experience you get out of this is unbelievable and well worth it.

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