Badger Nation Roundtable: Most Memorable Moment

Here is a Badger Nation Roundtable Online Exclusive, with members of the BN staff answering the question, "What was the most memorable moment of the 2002 season?"

Here is the first postseason "Badger Nation Roundtable" discussion, with Badger Nation contributors Evan Cohen, Dave Dexter, Cary Dohman, Arvind Gopalratnam and editor Ronny Whitworth.

Look for an extended roundtable discussion in the February issue of Badger Nation Magazine.

What was the most memorable moment of the 2002 season?

Cohen: Darrin Charles' catch against Colorado on fourth down.

Dexter: I was down behind the Minnesota bench during the final seconds of that game. The way the Badgers mobbed that axe, and the looks on their faces after getting that monkey off their backs, that was a scene I'll never forget.

Dohman: There are only two possible options: The Minnesota game and the Alamo Bowl. As great as it was being down in San Antonio watching the Badgers beat a very good Colorado football team, in one of the most exciting football games I've attended, the game against Minnesota was still the most memorable. The Wisconsin fans were great, as not a single person sat down in the last seven or eight minutes of that game. Not to mention the seniors' final game at Camp Randall, winning back Paul Bunyan's Axe and giving them a winning record to become bowl eligible. I will never forget the mob of red jerseys swarming the Minnesota sideline, and hoisting the axe to the student section.

Gopalratnam: Without a doubt, the most memorable moment of the 2002 season was UW's victory over Colorado in the Alamo Bowl. Specifically, the fourth down catch of Darrin Charles on the final drive that set up the Badgers' final touchdown. It stands out as the most memorable moment in my mind because it occurred immediately after Jonathon Orr dropped a wide-open touchdown. On top of that, Charles, in my opinion, was the least likely person to make the most clutch reception of the year, after being nowhere to be found the majority of the season.

Whitworth: I don't like to toot my own horn, but I did expect Darrin Charles to come through big in the Alamo Bowl. I said on several radio shows the week of the game, and indicated in an article on several days before the game, that he was the one player to watch in that game. He practiced with a purpose throughout the month of December and looked healthier than he had been since the first day of fall camp, when he suffered his first ankle sprain. To see him make that huge catch to keep the Badgers alive in the Alamo Bowl was definitely the moment I will remember most from this season. Nobody deserved to make that huge play more than Charles.

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