Brotherly Joy

Growing up, it was a dream for Wayne (Ohio) defensive end Terry Talbott to play college football with his brother and his best friend. After the three players all got their first scholarship offer within 36 hours of each other, that dream could become reality.

MADISON - With Wisconsin's assistant coaches out on the road during spring evaluation period. Badger tight end Joe Rudolph can be easily spotted in Ohio with his right arm likely in a sling.

With the amount of scholarship offers he has handed out at Western Ohio's Wayne High School, Rudolph's arm has got to be hurting. On the flip side, you aren't going to find three happier people than Josh Harrison, Terrence Talbott and his brother Terry, all of whom were offered their first scholarship this week by Wisconsin.

"Early this morning, Joe Rudolph came and he was able to watch one of their workouts and said without question they have an offer," Wayne high school coach Jay Minton said. "We've got three pretty good Division 1 players on our defense next year and we had three pumped up guys here this morning. Both Terry and Terrence were real emotional this morning when they got the offer."

Hours later, the excitement hasn't subsided for Terry, especially when the possibility now exists that the three best friends could play at the same school.

"I feel real good about it and I am really excited because it's the very first one," Terry Talbott told Badger Nation. "Me, my brother and Josh have always wanted to go to the same school. We're always doing things together, whether we're outside of school hanging out or working out in the gym. We're working hard in everything, so it's pretty exciting to get three people to get their first offer from the same school."

Although the brothers just got his first offer, it's almost a given that more are soon to follow. According to Minton, the brothers will probably get a scholarship offer from Colorado and Oklahoma State, will workout next week for coaches from Miami (Fl) and Florida and have workouts scheduled for coaches from West Virginia, Clemson and North Carolina.

Registering 65 tackles for Wayne last season, Minton feels that Terry's best years are ahead of him, as the junior's athleticism, explosiveness off the line of scimmage and the way he's built are only going to improve as he develops.

"Terry can be a guy that we would be watching on draft day, without a doubt with his work ethic," Minton said. "He can't take no for an answer. Terry just has that explosiveness that you need the first couple steps off the line. Everybody is looking for good defensive linemen and they are hard to find."

Lining up behind him every game, Terrence can only echo his head coach's sentiments about his brother, who is so detailed and precise with his technique that Terry borrows cones from school, puts them in his living room and spaces them out like offensive linemen so he can work on his line stunts.

"Terry is a type of guy that is going to go hard on every play," said Terrence. "He's not going to take a break. I think mainly because he doesn't want to let his team down. We aren't sore losers, but we hate to lose and we're going to do whatever it takes to win."

While Harrison had the pleasure of traveling with Coach Minton up to Madison for a spring football practice, the Talbott brothers couldn't make the trip and have had to hear second hand of all the interesting things the Wisconsin program has to offer. Now it seems the brothers have penciled in a trip to Madison this summer.

"Josh was telling me how crazy the fans are and how nice the campus is. He only saw the stadium and around the stadium, but he said the Badgers like to work. I am really excited to come up and look around and see how everything is out there. My brother and I are going to try to do a camp, but we're definitely coming to visit."

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