From Dream to Realistic Possibility

Growing up, it was a dream for Wayne (Ohio) cornerback Terrence Talbott to play college football with his brother and his best friend. After the three players all got their first scholarship offer from Wisconsin within 36 hours of each other, that dream could become reality.

MADISON - The dream the Talbott brothers have been thinking about since childhood is now a very real possibility.

Wanting to go to the same college and wanting to play college football together, the dream just got a little bit sweeter for Terrence Talbott as he, his brother Terry and his best friend Josh Harrison all were offered scholarships by assistant coach Joe Rudolph in a 24-hour period.

"That was my main goal in high school; I wanted to get offered so I could play football," Terrence Talbott told Badger Nation. "It relieves a lot of stress and I don't have to worry about where I am going to go to school because I have something to fall back on.

"I am excited because my brother and my best friend got offered to the same place, so that will be a fun experience."

The scholarship offer was a surprise for the Talbott brothers, who have been getting looks from Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Miami (Fl), North Carolina, Oklahoma State and West Virginia. The brothers were not able to travel up to Madison with Wayne head coach Jay Minton and Harrison and had not had the opportunity to speak with Rudolph before Friday, which made the scholarship offer a shock.

"I was not expecting an offer from any school this quick, especially Wisconsin," Terrence said. "When Josh came back from Wisconsin, he said they were real anxious to meet me and my brother and watch us work. I was surprised when Coach Rudolph offered."

A physical, old-school shut down corner, Terrence Talbott has, according to Minton, a 39-inch vertical, runs a 4.1 shuttle, runs a 10.7 sprint on the 4-by-1 and packs a punch when he delivers a hit.

"When makes Terrence a good player is competition," said brother Terry. "He likes to work and do what he has to do to help out the defense. He's quick, which helps the front four and the linebackers out. We like to stick together out there."

He also has the ability to impact offense's game plan. In Wayne's first game of the season, Terrence registered two picks, two pass breakups and a couple enormous hits. After that game, opposing teams wouldn't even test him.

"He just did a great job of making people afraid," Minton said. "That game was on television and he got a lot of exposure in the state of Ohio, which made teams realize they couldn't challenge him. He's a physical cover guy with great hips, a chiseled profile, big, broad shoulders and is a solid kid."

Added Terrence: "It's big that I can limit another team but at the same time, I wanted some action. It's my job to shut down my side of the field, but I wanted to be challenge a little more. I got their respect though, which was important."

Being friends since middle school, the Talbott brothers and Harrison are the best of friends and the best of teammates. Talking about the dream of playing college football together, Terrence knows that the Badgers are going to play an important role with his recruitment. Although he has no idea when he's going to commit, Terrence's focus now is to continue to earn scholarships, hoping that his brother and his best bud get the same treatment he does.

"It's a dream to me that we have the opportunity to play together on defense in college," he said. "It doesn't matter which school. We already have that chemistry together so of course we'll be harder on each other. At the same time, we're going to push each other and put in work together. We're going to keep each other up when we're down like we do now.

"I just look at this as a blessing from God," he added. "It's one thing for me and my brother to go to the same school, but for me, my brother and my best friend to go to the same school is a whole different story."

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