Badger Nation Roundtable: Spring Battles

The Badger Nation Roundtable meets once again to decide which position battle will be the most interesting to watch when spring football begins March 13.

Badger Nation contributors Evan Cohen, Dave Dexter, Cary Dohman and Arvind Gopalratnam joined editor Ronny Whitworth in answering the following question:

What do you feel will be the most interesting position battle to watch this spring?

Cohen: I'm interested to see who will replace B.J. Tucker on the corner. Levonne Rowan is a bigger corner who could be a great luxury for Alvarez on the corner alongside a faster Scott Starks. If not Rowan, what direction will they go in?

Dexter: I guess this isn't a position "battle" per se, but I'm watching to see if the offensive line can jell after they lose the Johnson's and Jason Jowers. Forget about all the firepower the skill positions have on offense. If that line isn't up to snuff next year, Wisconsin is going to lose a lot of games.

Dohman: The most interesting position battle is at quarterback for two reasons. First, is to see who will challenge Sorgi for the starting job. That is, if anyone challenges him at all. The talk has been that the starting job will be handed to Sorgi on a silver platter, but it will be interesting to see if anyone seriously challenges him. If not, just as intriguing will be the battle to see who will be next on the depth chart behind him. With four young quarterbacks on the roster, it will be interesting to see who steps forward as the quarterback of the future in Madison.

Gopalratnam: Although there will be a lot of new faces on the offensive line, the most interesting position battle to watch this spring and early next season will be at wide receiver. Presuming that Lee Evans will return at full strength and resume his No. 1 wideout slot, there will be a tough battle for the No. 2 spot between Darrin Charles, Jonathon Orr, and Brandon Williams. Clearly, Orr had the best 2002 season of the three (statistically), but he seemed to have lost all confidence and ability to catch the ball during the final month of the season. In addition, Charles and Williams stepped up huge in the Alamo Bowl, both showing a lot of confidence and skill in catching tough balls during tough times. While it's tough to say which player will be No. 2, all three players will definitely make an impact and put up a good fight for the position.

Whitworth: I think the most interesting battle to watch in the spring will be the quarterback position, because I think Jim Sorgi will have a bigger fight on his hands than people realize. And if R.J. Morse doesn't make some serious improvements in the offseason, he is likely to be unseated by a true freshman during fall camp.

Look for a full Badger Nation Roundtable in the February edition of Badger Nation Magazine.

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