Waiting to Impress

Leading the state in passing yards during the 2008 season, Oshkosh West junior quarterback Trey Demler is still waiting for that first offer to come across his desk. With the busy summer he has lined up and the various suitors coming to watch him workout, Demler may not have to wait for long.

MADISON - When it comes to top 2010 prospects in the state of Wisconsin, one doesn't get very far down the list until the name Trey Demler pops up.

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback from Oshkosh West is arguably the top junior quarterback in the state of Wisconsin after leading the state in passing with 3,051 yards and 19 touchdowns.

"It seems like the words, ‘state's leading passer' is attached to my name," Demler said in an interview with Badger Nation. "It's an accomplishment that I'm proud of, even though it's more as a team accomplishment than an individual one. It's an honor, but there are many more little things I can do to make those numbers even better."

That's been one of the mission statements that has been driving Demler this off season. Already working in the Nike Football Combine in Chicago, Demler's numbers put him in the top 25 percent of all quarterbacks in the country and has drawn significant interest from colleges across the Midwest.

"A lot of the good marks I get a lot is my arm strength and accuracy," Demler said. "A lot of schools that I talk to tell me they want to throw the ball more and spread their attack out, so they think that I am the guy to do that."

Spending last weekend on the campus of Penn State for the Elite 11 QB Camp, Demler's abilities were again on display against some of the country's top quarterbacks.

"It was awesome," Demler said. "A lot of great QB's (were) there and a ton of good competition. It was nice to see where I stand with some of the nations best. There were obviously kids there that were better than me, but I was really happy with where I stand with everyone. I proved a lot to myself this weekend as far as how I match up with other top QB prospects."

But while other quarterbacks from around the country continue to haul in offers, Demler, even with his high marks, enters the month of May without a scholarship offer. What seems to be holding colleges from pulling the trigger is Demler's Oshkosh West team primarily runs the spread offense, making schools worried about him dropping back from under center and making the right reads.

Even with no offers and some question marks, Demler isn't worried as much as he is motivated.

"All the way though YMCA, middle school and freshman year of high school, I was under center 85 percent of the time. I have done it before," Demler said. "This is my only second year in the spread, so I have done it more than I haven't done it. I want to prove to people that my size really doesn't matter. I want to show people that I can do more than just run back and throw, that I can run the ball and am more dimensional than people think.

"A lot of people have talked to me about it and I've had a couple people tell me that I am in their top two or three guys," Demler added. "I just have to go to their camps to show them. My motivation is to get that first scholarship and then see what happens."

After sending out film to a large amount of schools throughout the country, the main interest parties in Demler appear to be Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, North Dakota State, Indiana, Purdue and Bowling Green; seven schools that want Demler to come to its respective summer camp.

But Demler isn't waiting for his summer camp swing to start to impress the college coaches, as he worked out for Western Michigan's recruiting coordinator and recruiting coach last Friday.

"Coach Cubit, the QB coach, told me he was really happy with what he saw," Demler said. "One of the things he was looking for out of me was to have solid three and five-step drops because I run the spread and they didn't get to see it on film. He said they were excellent and he was really impressed."

Another school that has kept close tabs on Demler is Wisconsin and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst, who is traveling to Oshkosh Friday, May 8 to watch Demler workout. Although he attended Wisconsin's annual spring game, staying until the rains came, the real UW highlight for Demler was watching a Wisconsin spring practice the prior week.

"I talked to Coach Bielema for about 15 minutes, Coach Chryst for about 30 minutes and Tyler Westphal came over and introduced himself," Demler said. "We use to play against Menasha in high school and he gave me his number, telling me to call anytime if I had any questions or if I wanted to get shown around Madison."

Naturally, the main focus of Demler's time was watching the four Badger quarterbacks go through their progressions and get comfortable within the offense.

"Watching the quarterbacks, you would never know who the senior quarterbacks are and who the freshmen are," Demler said. "They all look really confident in what they are doing and what they can do, even Jon Budmayr who had been there only a couple weeks. The confidence level and arm strength they had is what I thought was impressive. It was a pretty exciting night."

Growing up a Badger fan and going to games in Camp Randall since he was young, Demler doesn't deny that he loves the Wisconsin program. Although he would love to stay in-state because Madison is only an hour and a half from home, Demler is keeping his options open and looking forward to his first offer.

"I want to keep my options open," he said. "I need to be realistic with things and see how everything plays out. (The recruiting process has) been a little bit of fun and not. It's harder than most people think it is. People think that I have it made and it's frustrating. It's hard sometimes and it's a hard process. At the same time, I have just had to be who I am."

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