Robinson Talks Wisconsin

With the ability to beat opposing defenses with his arm or his legs, Rochester (Ill.) quarterback Sean Robinson has seen his recruitment take off, as schools like Wisconsin are impressed with the attributes he brings to the offense.

In today's college football landscape, coaches are always looking to add a new wrinkle, a new offensive option, or just something to give their team an edge. For many teams, this has involved implementing a spread offense or the ability for the quarterback to run.

College recruiters may have found a player that can do just that in Sean Robinson from Rochester High School (Ill.). Robinson is a quarterback that can give a college offense another dimension.

"Obviously I think my strength is my running ability, but I am definitely 100% confident with my throwing ability," Robinson explained to Badger Nation. "I think that is what I have proved to everybody. I am definitely a dual-threat quarterback."

A season ago, Robinson (ranked as a three-star prospect but the 35th-best QB in the country by threw from 1,523 passing yards and 16 touchdowns, while also running for 1,071 yards and eight touchdowns. This junior performance earned him All-Conference and All-State honorable mention in the state of Illinois.

Over the past three weeks, Robinson has seen his recruitment evolve, receiving seven new offers in that time. That brings his total to 15 offers which include, "Stanford, Northwestern, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Washington State, Illinois, Central Michigan, and Iowa."

Other schools may soon join the fray. "Purdue may offer soon. Some other schools said if I went to their camp and they like what they see, they would offer," Robinson said.

While everyone is currently giving him the same level of interest, a certain Big Ten school to the north decided to increase the intensity last week. That school was Wisconsin.

"They offered last week Wednesday," Robinson said. "Well, Coach McCray called my coach and talked to him and told him they wanted to make an offer. Then I called Coach McCray back myself and he told me again. I have also talked to coach Dave Doeren, but Coach McCray is the main guy I have been dealing with."

Even though the Badgers just recently offered, Robinson already had a solid impression of the program.

"It is an awesome school," he said. "Camp Randall is an awesome place. I don't know how many fans that stadium holds, but it is huge. It is a cool place. It has great facilities and it is just an overall awesome place."

While the Badgers had not offered earlier this year, Robinson did visit Madison and spoke to the head coach Bret Bielema.

"I went over there for a Junior Day and checked it out. I got to meet with all the coaches. I sat down with coach Bielema for a while," Robinson explained. "He is a good guy. I liked him a lot. He was straight forward and tells you the truth and doesn't beat around the bush. I like the way he coaches." He didn't make the visit alone. Robinson said, "I took both my father and mother. They both loved it."

Like for many players, the thought of playing in front of their family is always on their mind. So how far is Madison from home and is location going to be a factor for Robinson?

"It is about 6 hours or 6.5 hours," he said. "You know my family would like for me to stay close to town. I think if a school offers and I like them, it doesn't matter how far away it is. My family is up for that as well." Location may or may not be an important factor, but Robinson explained what he was looking for in his choice was, "A great program. Loyalty, trust, and great players are the key things."

While Robinson isn't sure about where he will camp or what combines he will attend this summer, he does know when he would like to make his decision.

"Sometime this summer. Plenty of time before football season, that way I just have to worry about the high school team. That is the main factor I am going to worry about," Robinson said. "I would like to make it before that. If the time is not right, then we will push it back."

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