Polishing and Improving

With a goal of a state championship on his mind, Cherry Hill (N.J.) quarterback Joe Brennan is taking the summer to improve as a quarterback. The things he has already accomplished, however, are impressive enough to get colleges, like Wisconsin, to offer him a scholarship.

Heading in to his senior year, quarterback Joe Brennan will have many things on his mind.

The New Jersey native will be coming off a highly productive junior year, a year in which Brennan passed for 2,348 yards along with 25 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Last season, Brennan (Cherry Hill, N.J.) led Camden Catholic H.S. with a regular season record of 9-2 and a conference championship, but fell just short of a championship game appearance after losing in their semifinal game.

This offseason, Brennan has been working hard to stay in the best physical and mental shape possible, keeping the ultimate goal of taking his team to a state title at the forefront. There are various personal ways that Brennan is accomplishing that goal.

"I'm doing my own personal training," Brennan told Badger Nation. "I'm doing various drills and lifting programs that will improve my skills, specifically my speed and strength.

"I'm also watching game tape of our losses and noticing the mistakes I made, so I don't make them next season."

Watching game film is what led the Badgers and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst to offer the 6-foot-4, 195-pound quarterback. Coming to Brennan's school to take a look at his film, Chryst was so impressed that he offered Brennan before he left for the day.

"Coach Chryst has a well-rounded character," said Brennan. "We've been communicating back and forth for a long time. I know I can count on him for any questions or concerns I have and he will give an honest and truthful answer."

Wisconsin isn't the only one impressed by Brennan, however, as the quarterback has received scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Stanford and Temple, as well as interest from Akron, Maryland and Vanderbilt. Out of those schools, there are three that catch his eye.

"My top choices would have to be Rutgers, Stanford and Wisconsin." said Brennan. "I'm definitely interested by Wisconsin and want to come to Madison and see the campus. All I have planned for this summer is a camp at Stanford, but I am almost positive that I am going to visit Wisconsin."

Brennan also made a visit to Rutgers and thought the team has a great coaching staff and facilities.

Brennan has big plans for his future, as he wants to finish his senior season undefeated before moving up to the college game, where he hopes to have a successful academic career along with reaching his full potential on the field.

"I want to become the best student of the game and take care of me," said Brennan. "I look at Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, that's what type of quarterback I want to become."

Brennan plans to make his decision in August, but wants to improve his game in many areas. Having little experience as a starting quarterback, Brennan wants to gain more of that experience, which he is planning on doing by attending as many mini-camps in his offseason as he can.

Heading in to his senior year, Brennan he wants to build good relationships with his wide receivers, hoping to build a Manning/Harrison or a Brady/Moss type of quarterback-receiver relationship. Taking in consideration Brennan's relationship with Coach Chryst, there's a great chance Brennan could end up in the red and white in a year.

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